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Map: Oktyabrsk city
19-11-2022, 22:24 219 735
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Map: Oktyabrsk city

Creator: melonVIP, JumpyScarab1354 & MrNixon778
Oktyabrsk is a small Soviet town located at the crossroads of time, what awaits you around the next corner — new supermarkets, old buildings or maybe a mysterious crime story? The city is divided into 4 distinct districts, such as: Railway, Central, Water Treatment Plant and Oil Depot. Each of them has its own characteristic feature and its characteristics. You can move between the districts as simply through the streets, or by going down to the subway, consisting of 3 unique stations connected by tunnels. The city has shops, its own radio station, a clothing store, furniture, and many others. Everything has been done in Oktyabrsk for a cozy and measured life of citizens.

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You can follow the process of updating the map on the VK page: https://vk.com/oktyabrskbe.

And also for the incredible events and the appearance of significant events of Oktyabrsk in our Telegram channel: https://t.me/OktyabrskMinecraft.

Houses in the city of Oktyabrsk
Forest and brick houses
Nuclear power plant
Rainbow Store
New buildings on the map
City streets
Roads and lights

Last update: September 28, 2022.
What's new?
  • A new Oil Depot area has been added! [specific additions in the new area]
    • There are both new houses and already familiar typical buildings in it
    • A new supermarket Lenta has been opened, a service station and a spare parts store have been opened, a market and a beer shop have appeared

  • Completely redesigned metro: [specific changes in the metro]
    • Now you can get to the station without teleports, this became possible thanks to an increase in the depth of the world at 1.18
    • The stations are now connected by tunnels
    • The Botanic Garden station is closed
    • There was a metro scheme and a beautiful design of descents in the subway
  • Residential buildings began to wear out the coating, as well as furniture appeared in them
  • IKEA store has left Oktyabrsk, but do not despair because the furniture center Rainbow has opened!
  • The Pyaterochka store has been updated in the Central district
  • The hotel is now located in front of the train station to make it more convenient for visitors to relax
  • On the old site of the hotel, there is now a garage complex and a car market
  • It seems that the case with the murder in the Hotel in room 5 has progressed, hasn't it?
  • Someone got into the cemetery again and changed all the inscriptions. Who does this?
  • Minor improvements in all areas

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    У нас появилась группа в вк. Там вы будете в курсе всех последних изменениях Октябрьска. Позже ссылка на сообщество появится в описании, пока что так:
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    Добавьте школу, детский садик, тц, больницу, больше станций метро, парк и вкусно-и точка! Скажите, успеете построить за год? Если да, то буду очень ждать обновление!
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        А на старые версии город подходит y меня не запускается с обновлением Октябрьска
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      1.19.22 и выше
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