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Map: Metro by BloodyLambda
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Map: Metro by BloodyLambda

Creator: Данила (bloodylambda)
This map for Minecraft was built in the spirit of the game Metro 2033 and the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky. However, the metro itself on this map refers to the original game only in some details.

On the map there is:
  • 16 stations (including several abandoned ones);
  • Several different tunnels (some of them are half flooded and it is better to move through them by boat);
  • As well as two exits to the surface, which can be accessed from several paths at once.

At least 11 secret passages lead to some tunnels, stations and just various interesting places, and you need to be careful enough to find them, since the lighting on the map is reduced to a minimum to approach the level that was achieved in the original game.

The map was created on version 1.0.9, after which it was finalized on version 1.16.40, so only suitable for versions 1.16.40 and higher.

Map: Metro by BloodyLambda

The most important thing is that since there is no plot on the map, it can be altered to suit your game (for example, hide—and-seek, PvP battles or create your own plot).

P.S. With minor modifications, the map may also be suitable for small servers with a post-apocalypse theme.
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download map Metro (.mcworld)

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