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Map: Prilaron
28-04-2022, 17:46 2 331
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Map: Prilaron

The map Prilaron for Minecraft is a multi-biome map of 4000×4000 blocks and contains 1 desert biome, 2 forest biomes and 1 taiga biome, as well as many caves and resources for survival. You can use this map for anything: servers, survival, buildings, or anything else. Everything is limited only by your ingenuity!

View of the island with snowy mountains
Huge mountain of snow
Mountains and forests
View of the forests from above
View of the map with the island and forests from above
Side view of the map
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download map Prilaron (.mcworld)

[170.56 Mb] downloads: 786
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  1. Vanes
    хорошая карта, живописная, уважуха создателю!
  2. GIGN
    Эта карта для показа красоты гендеров и rtx подойдет хорошо
    1. TheDimeded
      Каких гендеров может генерации
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