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Texture: SniperGlass
16-06-2021, 13:29 6 142
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Texture: SniperGlass

You have just upgraded to the latest version Minecraft PE 1.17 and want to use a telescope, but its texture does not suit you? With a set of textures SniperGlass the telescope will turn into a sniper rifle.!

Sniper rifle in Minecraft
Rifle Scope textures in Minecraft

As you can see, the telescope model has been changed to a 3D model of a sniper rifle, which you can see both from the first and third person.

When using a telescope (rifle), the sight was also replaced.

Sniper rifle in Minecraft from the first person
Sniper rifle in Minecraft from the third person
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download texture pack SniperGlass (.mcpack)

[1.17 Mb] downloads: 979
Supported versions
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