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Texture: Third Person Camera
9-10-2021, 00:44 10 229
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Texture: Third Person Camera

The third-person mode in Minecraft is sometimes very inconvenient and not suitable for PVP games. Textures Third Person Camera update the third person view so that it is more convenient for the player to play with it.

To activate the new features, first enter the 1st person mode, and then switch to the 3rd person mode.

New features
  • The player's model becomes translucent when mining, attacking, and interacting
  • The player model becomes transparent when the camera is close
  • Third-person crosshair
  • The player looks where he is going

Transparent player model
Transparent player model against the sky


Known errors
  • Shield, bow, crossbow and other items in the hand may not be displayed correctly in the first person
Supported versions
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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