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Mob Vote 2022: Rascal!
6-10-2022, 14:39 1 584
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Mob Vote 2022: Rascal!

On October 4, Mojang showed the first mob for Mob Vote, Sniffer. On October 5, the second mob was announced, Rascal.

Mob Features
  • The Rascal spawns in the mines.
  • Likes to play hide and seek and gives hints.
  • Find him 3 times, he will give you an item that will help in the mines.

Vote for the Rascal on October 14th.
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  1. Аватарка гостя
    А на якому сервері можно буде голосовати чи вони самі цей десь напишуть чи в майні зьявиця кнопка?
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