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Mod: Poppy Playtime 2
2-06-2022, 01:43 16 375
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Mod: Poppy Playtime 2

On October 12, 2021, the computer game Poppy Playtime was released. This game immediately gained popularity, the players paid special attention to the character of Huggy Wuggy. If you are a fan of this game, then you will definitely like this eponymous one!

With this mod, Huggy himself will appear. It was superbly worked out: there are sounds, animations, well-developed behavior. This is a great addition for horror fans!

For version 1.18.10 and above, you need to install the add-on Block-Geo Fixer, otherwise the blocks will not be displayed.

Huggy Wuggy
  • Health: 300
  • Damage: 10-15
  • Height: 4.2 blocks
  • Hostile mob

View of the Huggy model

Huggy abilities

Attack animation:

Animation of the Huggy attack

Animation of the attack in the ventilation:

Huggy attacks in ventilation

Huggy is able to crawl in narrow spaces.

Huggy sneaks in the ventilation

He can also squat to pass through openings.

Huggy passes through the opening

He understands the speed at which mobs and players move. If you run, he will start chasing you.

Huggy runs after the player

Huggy is pretending to be dead:

Huggy pretended to be dead

Huggy gets up:

Huggy gets up

Animation of the fall:

Huggy falls from the air

Also, Huggy rarely appears in the world.

Huggy in the hallway

Huggy Statue

Decorative block, has no functionality.

Huggy Statue


With the help of a special item, you can turn into a Huggy.

The subject of transformation into a Huggy

Use Remove the curse to return to the regular player.

The subject of the removal of the transformation into a Huggy

The player in the role of Huggy has the same abilities as the mob itself.

Player as Huggy Wuggy
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Poppy Playtime (.mcaddon)

[10.25 Mb] downloads: 6360
Supported versions
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  1. Ramadan
    Почему он не умрёт????
  2. Xугги Bугги
    ГО 1НА1 Я Xугги Bугги
    1. Хагги Вагги
      Э клоны вы что тут делать собрались?
  3. Xугги Bугги
    Xугги Bугги
  4. ys7si
    Xугги Bугги
  5. Хто-то
    Блин жаль что в этом моде нету Поппи и Красной перчатки вместе с Синей Перчаткой.😔Ну а сам мод ЛУЧШИЙ.
    1. Diamond90773
  6. петя
    когда выйдет карта по второй главе
  7. Хугги Вугги
    А кокда будет мод для майнкрафта основанный на второй главе?
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