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Mod: Many Decorative Things
17-05-2022, 18:17 15 014
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Mod: Many Decorative Things

The long-awaited summer is approaching and it's time to embellish your house! Mod Many Decorative Things adds more than 100 new decorative blocks to the game. All of them can be used for various purposes, some blocks can be painted and interacted with.

Don't forget to enable the experiment functions in the world settings.

MDT Crafting Table

The addon adds a new workbench to the game. It is used to create any item and block from the add-on.

New furniture workbench

You can create a decorative workbench from seven boards and one stone.

Craft furniture верстака

Use the recipe book (turn off the display of only available crafting items) to learn recipes from the add-on.

Furniture Workbench interface

All items and blocks are also available in the creative inventory.

All decor items in the inventory

There are many blocks here. Moreover, some of them are interactive. For example, lights can be turned on and off, and tables can be combined into a large table.

Lights, table and other elements

The player can also sit on all chairs or armchairs.

Player sitting in a chair

Some blocks can be painted with a brush (change the color).

Painting the chair

A brush can be created in a decorative workbench.

Craft Brushes
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  1. Чупапсон228
    У меня всё работает классный мод
  2. Кусачки
    Не знаю как у остальных но у меня мод работает только на подобной карте...
  3. Аноним
    В моде мобы или блоки?
    1. Ivan2077
      Если приглядишься то увижишь, что это блоки
  4. Аноним
    Не работает мод, как сделать чтоб работал?
  5. Галина
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