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Mod: Rotting Zombie
17-05-2022, 02:06 11 942
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Mod: Rotting Zombie

Zombies are one of the main enemies of any minecrafters in survival. They appear at night and can attack suddenly. Mod Rotting Zombie will complicate survival. Now there will be new zombies in the game that can rot.

New rotting zombies, like the vanilla zombies, appear during the night or in dark places. These zombies have a 50% chance to rot after death, taking on a new form.

First phase

Has 20 health.

A rotting zombie of the first stage

Second phase

Has 15 health.

A rotting zombie of the second stage

Third phase

Has 10 health.

A rotting zombie of the third stage

Fourth phase

Has 5 health.

A rotting zombie of the fourth stage
Supported versions
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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