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Mod: Quiver Reborn
9-05-2022, 00:24 10 695
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Mod: Quiver Reborn

For a while, the developers wanted to add a quiver for arrows to Minecraft. For some reason, this did not happen. If you want to be able to carry more arrows with you, then mod Quiver Reborn can be a great solution.

For the mod to work, you need to activate the experimental features in the world settings.

The basic arrow quiver holds 30 arrows. It is created from three arrows, a thread and two skins.

Crafting a regular quiver of arrows

The iron quiver holds a maximum of 122 arrows. It is created from a base quiver and eight blocks of iron.

Crafting an iron quiver of arrows

The diamond quiver holds a maximum of 273 arrows. It is created from an iron quiver and eight diamond blocks.

Crafting a diamond quiver of arrows
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Quiver Reborn (.mcaddon)

[10.21 Kb] downloads: 2243
Supported versions
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