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Mod: Revkan Furniture
9-05-2022, 00:08 6 282
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Mod: Revkan Furniture

With the furniture, you can design your house very cool in Minecraft. The vanilla blocks are not quite suitable for this, besides, you cannot interact with them. You can fix this with mods.

Mod Revkan Furniture adds 25 variants of interior blocks to Minecraft. Chandelier, candles, chairs, bonfire and much more.

If you play on the version Minecraft 1.18.30 and above, install additionally and activate the block fix. Otherwise, the textures will be displayed crookedly.

Fixed blocks in mod on furniture

You can create new blocks in a stone cutter from a stick.

Crafting furniture in a stonecutter from палки

Some blocks can be interacted with.

So, for example, you can sit on chairs.

Player is sitting on a wooden chair

Use a bucket in the well to replenish it with water.

Well with bucket

Light a fire, interact with it with a stick, and then put raw meat to cook it.

Bonfires in Minecraft from mod

Candles can be painted with dyes.

Candles and coloring

This is quite a useful mod. Decor lovers will definitely like it.

Table and other furniture in Minecraft
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