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Mod: Elingo's Mixed Ores
4-03-2022, 21:00 23 159
Survival / Ores
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Mod: Elingo's Mixed Ores

Do you want to collect various precious metals in Minecraft faster? Now it's possible with mod Elingo's Mixed Ores, which adds 28 new mixed ores to the game. They can be found in caves around the world, but there are no deep mixed ores in this version yet.

In the world settings, turn on the experimentation features.

Activation of mixed ores mod

How does it work?

For example, to mine mixed coal-diamond ore, you need to use at least an iron pickaxe. If you use a wooden or stone pickaxe, you will only get coal.

Mixed Ore Mining
Mixed ore mining with an iron pick


Mixed iron-gold ore
Mixed emerald-redstone ore
Mixed coal-diamond ore
Mixed coal-emerald ore
Mixed redstone-lapis lazuli ore

Important about the mod
  • No XP from mixed ores
  • Mixed ore can't be smelted
  • Possible bugs

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Supported versions
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