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Mod: Naruto Battle
6-02-2022, 18:49 42 125
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Mod: Naruto Battle

Mod Naruto Battle adds Naruto from the manga of the same name to Minecraft, with whom you can fight and get new weapons, as well as jutso. If you like battles, then you will definitely like this addition.

Basic Naruto

Appears all over the game world, it is also called with the creation egg.

Naruto and Steve

After winning, you will receive various new items.

Rasengan jutsu:
  • Can be used indefinitely
  • Has a recharge in a few seconds

Rasengan jutsu

Ninja Bandana:
  • Gives speed II and bounce IV

ninja bandana

Shadow Clones:
  • Health: 1
  • You can summon groups of 1, 5, 25 and 50 clones
  • The ability can be used indefinitely
  • After use, there will be a recharge

Shadow Clones

Naruto Sannin

Naruto Sannin appears after defeating the main Naruto. He is stronger than the usual Naruto by about 50%, so you can use the dropped items for a new fight.

Naruto Sannin

Defeat him to get new items.

Shuriken Rasen:
  • Has endless use
  • Shuriken is able to destroy the Iron Golem
  • Explodes blocks

Shuriken Rasen

  • It is created from an egg, a bucket of milk, cooked beef, a bowl and wheat
  • Can be eaten to restore hunger

Ramen in Minecraft

Naruto Kurama

This Naruto is 50% stronger than the previous one and 100% stronger than the first one. The fight with him will be very difficult, because he is also able to teleport past the attacks.

Naruto Kurama

Defeat Naruto Kurama and get new items.

Kunai of the Flying Thunder God:
  • Works similarly to Pearl Edges
  • Has no gravity and has infinite use

Kunai of the Flying God Грома

Biju Rasen Shuriken:
  • The most powerful jutsu
  • Use carefully so as not to destroy the village or your house
  • Has infinite usage and recharge

Biju Rasen Shuriken

Naruto's Allies

Every time you defeat Naruto, an egg drops from him to create a friendly Naruto. He will help you in the battle against zombies, skeletons and other hostile creatures.

Feed him ramen so that he follows you.

Yellow Naruto
Naruto in a combat suit
Ordinary Naruto in Minecraft
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Naruto Battle (.mcaddon)

[1.11 Mb] downloads: 10518
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