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Mod: Eveo Furniture
7-01-2022, 01:39 16 728
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Mod: Eveo Furniture

With mod Eveo Furniture in Minecraft there will be a lot of new and very beautiful furniture that you can use to arrange various rooms in your playhouse. There is furniture, as well as appliances, the peculiarity of which is that they are all created in the form of blocks and have detailed models and textures, and you can even interact with some blocks!

When activating the mod, also activate the experiment functions so that the addon works correctly.

Activation of furniture fashion

How to get furniture?

You can create furniture blocks in a stonecutter using a stick.

Creating furniture in a stonecutter

Also, all blocks are available through the creative mode inventory.

Creative inventory and new blocks

You can also interact with sofas to sit on them.

Player sitting on sofa

Interact with the curtain to open or close it.

Open and closed curtains


Tables for relaxation
Swimming pool and sun loungers
View of the house from above
Sofas in fashion
Appliances for the room
Room arrangement
Interior with a fashion for furniture
Plates with food
Bathroom headset
Bathroom cabinet in Minecraft
Microwave oven in Minecraft
Living room in the game
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Eveo Furniture (.mcaddon)

[3.27 Mb] downloads: 9138
Supported versions
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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