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Mod: Boats Plus
18-12-2021, 21:17 8 302
Ships / Survival
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Mod: Boats Plus

Don't you think that boats in Minecraft are too boring and monotonous? Now with mod Boats Plus, new types of boats will appear in the game world that will be able to have unique features. For example, there will be sailing boats with increased speed, a boat with a dynamite cannon and much more.

Available boats
  • Storage Boat: interact with the chest (barrel) to attach it to the boat. Up to two chests or barrels can be placed on the ode boat
  • Boat with funnel: the funnel boat automatically picks up dropped items
  • Sailing boat: create a sail from two sticks and three blocks of wool in a workbench, and then attach it to the boat to sail faster
  • A boat with a cannon: use the distributor to attach it to the boat. While using the boat, use TNT to shoot!

Colored sailboats
Screenshot with new Minecraft boats
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Boats Plus (.mcaddon)

[715.01 Kb] downloads: 2177
Supported versions
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