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Mod: Throwables Plus
17-11-2021, 02:40 6 903
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Mod: Throwables Plus

In the vanilla Minecraft there are not so many objects that you can throw. Do you want more and something new? Then install the mod Throwables Plus, with which more than 10 new items will appear in the game for these purposes!


Throwing stick

Crafting a throwing stick

Little bomb

Crafting a small bomb

Stick with charcoal

Crafting sticks with charcoal

Super Pearl Edge

Crafting Cool Edge Pearls

Ifrit bomb

Crafting an Ifrit bomb


Crafting grenades in Minecraft

Stick with a stone

Crafting sticks with a stone

Stick with two coals

Crafting sticks with two coals

Throwing knife

Crafting a throwing knife


Crafting a shuriken in Minecraft


Crafting a throwing stone


Crafting ropes

Capsules (create mobs)

Crafting a yellow capsule
Crafting a red capsule
Crafting a blue capsule
Crafting a green capsule


Crafting a fireball


Using a small bomb:

Animation of the bomb

Using a throwing stick:

Animation of the throwing stick

Using a stick with a stone:

Animation of the throwing stick with камнем
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Throwables Plus (.mcaddon)

[99.52 Kb] downloads: 1483
Supported versions
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