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Mod: Realistic Light S
16-11-2021, 02:24 18 348
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Mod: Realistic Light S

Caves in Minecraft have always been dark, and with the new update they will be even bigger and darker! Without a bunch of torches, the player has almost nothing to do in the caves, but what if you don't always want to spend precious torches? Now there is a mod Realistic Light, which will add realistic torchlight to the game.

In the world settings, enable the following experimental features.

Activating the operation of the mod on the light

For example, in the screenshot below, the cave is quite dark, it is difficult to see something without a light source!

View of the dark cave

Now we just take a torch in our hand and enjoy the illuminated cave! All the enemies are in our sight!

Cave with a torch light in hand
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  1. mainkaft1
    А с другими модами почему не сочитаеться? За такое поставлю 4 звезды если не будет работать потом уберу если исправите
  2. Mojang
    Так, не только у Optifine есть такие аддоны и у Minecraft Bedrock они также есть классно
  3. .
    А это работает только с факелами? Или нетолько
    1. Моjang
      Только с факелами
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