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Mod: WorldEdit: BE
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Mod: WorldEdit: BE

Probably, WorldEdit: BE is the most developed ported mod, with which you can manage your world and engage in rapid construction using new functions and commands. Would you like to quickly remove blocks, put a lot of dynamite or copy? Now with this addition to Minecraft there will be such an opportunity!

The addon is at an early stage of development, so not all of its functions can work properly. We do not recommend using it in the worlds that are important to you or making copies.


In editing the world, enable The Holiday Creator features and GameTest Framework.

Activating the World in Minecraft

By default, no player can use the addon features. To activate, you need to type the command /tag @s add builder into the chat to become a builder.

Team to become a builder

Now you can use various commands like ;help or ;set.

What can I do?
  • You can select an area
  • You can copy, cut and paste the selected area
  • You can fill the selected area with blocks
  • Undo and redo actions

In the tutorial, you can find a brief guide on how to use the add-on functions, but the information is in English.

Fashion Training Screen

How to use it?

Instead of using regular slashes when entering commands, must use a semicolon (;).

To allocate a territory, you can use either a special axe or commands.

Note that the maximum range of the allocated area is 64x256x64 blocks.

Axe selection

Type ;wand into the chat to get a special axe.

The command to get the tool

Stand near the first point, sit down and press the right mouse button (long tap on the screen).

Selecting the first point

Now go to the second point and click the right mouse button (long tap on the screen), you do not need to sit down.

Selecting the second point

Selection by commands

Go to the first point and enter ;pos1 into the chat.

First position team

Go to the second point and enter ;pos2 into the chat.

Second position team

Now you can use the commands:
  • ;copy — copies the selected area
  • ;cut — cuts out the selected area
  • ;paste — inserts the copied or cut area
  • ;set — fills the area with a template (details below)


Now, if you want to fill in the selected area, you need to use the command ;set. At the same time, this command has advanced functionality.

Template syntax:
  • ;set_block name,block_2 name:its type,block_name[block_property:value,...]

Sample templates:
  • ;set glass — fills with glass
  • ;set stone:1 — fills with granite
  • ;set dirt,wool["color":"red"] — fills with blocks of dirt and red wool

In the screenshot below, I typed ;set tnt into the chat to fill the selection with dynamite blocks.

Filling the area with dynamite blocks

In the following example, I typed ;set dirt,wool["color":"red"],glass to fill the area with a template.

Blocks of dirt, red wool and glass

Copying blocks

Go to the desired area and do the same steps to allocate the territory.

Allocation of a house in the village

Type ;copy into the chat to copy the selection.

Copy command

Stand at the right point to place the copied area.

Inserted house at another point

The insert works a little crooked, and you need to use it carefully.

Undo actions

If you made a mistake or want to return the action, then use the commands:
  • ;undo — cancels the action
  • ;redo — repeats the action

Disabling particles

If the particles interfere with you or cause lags, you can type ;drawsel into the chat to disable the selection particles.

Particle shutdown command

Type ;help or ;help Command name into the chat to get hints on using the mod's functions.

Fashion Assistance Team

Last update: v0.5 (April 11, 2022)
What's new?
  • Added commands: ;shift, ;offset, ;inset, ;expand, ;contract
  • Improved commands and settings
  • Improved mod performance
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download WorldEdit: BE mod (.mcaddon)
[1.1 Mb] downloads: 17310

Supported versions
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    Не работает пишет,что не хватает прав на эту команду, что мне делать
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      Советую включить читы в мире, а на серверах этот мод чаще всего только для платных привилегий, обычно для бесплатной версии не работает.
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    До какой версии работает мод ?
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    Не работает. Я прописал команду в настройках что надо включил, пишу ;set
    А в чате пишется "У вас недостаточно прав для использования этой команды
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    Вмене скачались тільки тікстури а мод не вдаєтся скачати поможіть
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    у меня айфон и когда я заходу в майнкрафт и мне пишет недопустимый ZIP файл
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      На айфон нету аддонов
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    Чтоб работало надо тег другой
    /tag @s add world edit
    Чтоб убрать прошлый пропиши
    /tag @s remove и тег который у вас был
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    KTO TO
    Чтобы работали блоки где есть пробел на до писать через _ пример slime_block
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