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Mod: Cryptocraft
8-10-2021, 02:13 10 024
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Mod: Cryptocraft

The Cryptocraft mod will add to Minecraft a legendary creature that is popular in urban legends — the Chupacabra. You will be able to meet him in your world and even tame him to use a new pet as a guard.

Chupacabra model

They appear at night in the savannah. At night they are hostile to everyone, and during the day they become neutral.

Chupacabra at night in the biome

They always attack sheep and goats. Be careful if you have a farm in the savannah, because the chuapacabra can even jump over the fence to get to the food.

Chupacabras and goats

If you find a baby chupacabra or feed two chupacabras, you can use the cooked lamb to tame the cub.

A baby chupacabra looks at the player

You can use mutton to speed up growth.

Player feeds the dog a chupacabra

Use the bone to tell the tamed chupacabra to follow you or guard the territory.

Chupacabra lies and guards

You can use a leash to prevent the pet from going too far in guard mode.

Chupacabra's pet attacks zombies
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