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Mod: Seasonal Decorations
6-12-2021, 15:44 26 253
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Mod: Seasonal Decorations

Halloween, New Year, so many holidays, but you need to somehow decorate your house and prepare for the season. This is now possible with mod Seasonal Decorations, which adds very detailed blocks and items that can be used as decorations.

New mob and blocks in аддоне



There are several options for getting new blocks and items:
  • In creative mode, take an item named Spawn All items and use it to create two barrels with all the available resources of the add-on
  • You can purchase them from a Seasonal Merchant or create them on a Seasonal Crafting Table

Recipes for new blocks
Recipes for blocks with эффектами


Brooms allow you to move around the game world. You can only purchase them from seasonal merchants. The price may be great, but it's worth it!

After pressing the jump button, the broom will start to take off or fall (depending on where you are looking).

Broom for Minecraft flights

Autumn trees

Seedlings can be bought from seasonal merchants, and after they grow, a real autumn atmosphere will appear!

Autumn trees in Minecraft

Effect blocks and sound blocks

When interacting, the blocks reproduce sounds or produce effects. They are great for creating a creepy atmosphere.

Effect blocks and sound blocks in Майнкрафт

New Year

There is not much time left until the New Year, it's time to decorate your house! Various new decorative ornaments are available in the new update.

Recipes for Christmas blocks

A new type of snow is also available, which is created in a workbench or bought from a merchant. After placement, it seems that it covers any block with snow. Click on it to change the shape.

Snow covers блоки

Last update: December 6, 2021.
What's new?
  • New Year's update
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Seasonal Decorations (.mcaddon)

[3.73 Mb] downloads: 5172
Supported versions
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    Можно на на версию 1.19?
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    Почему не работает мод Spawn All items такого предмета нет А сезонный торговец ничем не торгует Подскажите плиз что делать?
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    Не могу играть в майн с этим модом после скачивания, как активировать?
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    Зделайте пожалуйста мод вёрнём в Майнкрафт прошлое.пожалуста:(
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