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Mod: Bodyguard
3-09-2021, 20:59 10 103
Survival / NPC / Mobs
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Mod: Bodyguard

Tired of the constant attacks of hostile monsters? With mod Bodyguard you will feel safe, because it will add a new NPC in the form of a bodyguard to Minecraft.

Bodyguard in Minecraft

If you want to hire a bodyguard, you must first tame him. To tame, you need to take bread or an iron ingot, and then go to the bodyguard and click on a special button or right mouse button.

Taming a bodyguard in Minecraft

You can order your new companion to stay put or follow you.

Interaction with a bodyguard in Minecraft

After each fight, the bodyguard automatically takes out a healing potion and drinks it.

Bodyguard treatment in Minecraft

The bodyguard will never leave you and will always follow you!

Bodyguard goes to Майнкрафт

He will not leave your enemies a single chance, because he is well-trained, they are fast and strong!

Bodyguard attacks in Minecraft

You can rename the tag in the anvil to give your companion a personal name.

Rename the Bodyguard in Minecraft

Not only can you use it in survival, but it's also great for role-playing cards.

Bodyguard sitting
Bodyguard stands
Bodyguard side view
Supported versions
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  1. Задаватель вопросов
    А на 1.18.10 будет работать?
  2. Крутой ютубер огонь 🔥
    Блин какие текстуры хорошие 4д вы видели на последним фото
  3. кто то
    на терминатора похож ;)
  4. Харди крутой блогер
    у меня версия 1.16.40 врятли подойдёт
    1. Илья
      Подойдед не бойся
  5. User Dave
    Конечно за отсылка лайк!
    1. Да ты че
      Текстур пак и все
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