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Mod: Zombie Boss
25-08-2021, 17:59 6 797
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Mod: Zombie Boss

Mod Zombie Boss will add a new huge and very dangerous boss, which is an enhanced version of a regular zombie. If you are missing in Minecraft bosses, then you may like this mod.


The boss will not appear naturally in your world, so you will need to summon him. Catch an ordinary zombie, throw a power potion at him, and then interact with him with a flint.

As soon as the boss appears, he will begin to show his might. The boss deals 10 points of damage, so get ready before the fight.

Zombie Boss in Minecraft

The boss can summon 8-10 zombies to help him. Some of these zombies will be equipped with armor and iron swords. It is especially dangerous to fight at night, because zombies will not burn.

Boss minions

The boss is able to destroy the earth, causing great damage.

Zombie boss destroys the earth

  • New rotten flesh drops from the boss, which when eaten gives the effects of strength, speed, jump, resistance and much more!
  • Diamonds or a netherite ingots
  • XP
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Zombie Boss (.mcaddon)

[370.18 Kb] downloads: 1931
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  1. Сергей
    И еще из зомби босса выпадает еще голву зомби который зомби будут вас защищать
  2. читер 777
    на версию 1.16 не импортируется аддон дерьмо
  3. Херобрин король монстров
    почему он так не чтоджно выглядит ему больше подходит название не зомби босс а зомби кривой дришь
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