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Mod: Fallen Kingdom
17-11-2021, 02:22 17 601
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Mod: Fallen Kingdom

Mod Fallen Kingdom will send you on a new adventure where the world was destroyed after the event 60 seconds . No one knows what 60 seconds is, but it is known for sure that it took the world 60 seconds to realize its mistake. This add—on will add 30 new features to Minecraft - new blocks, items, mobs and a new biome.

In editing the world, enable the experiment functions.

World generation
  • Electric biome
    • It consists of electrified mud and electrified grass
    • It has the same rarity as the biome of the plains
    • Megaelectric trees appear naturally
    • This biome is home to various hostile mobs and skelegans

A new biome with electric trees

Skeleton Shelter
  • The House of the dangerous Skelegard
  • Has two loot chests

Skelegard in Minecraft

  • Fallen Hero
    • Neutral mob
    • Gives a sword from the deep stone
    • Attacks all hostile mobs
    • Does not appear naturally at the moment
  • Mystical Merchant
    • Peaceful mob
    • Exchanges various items for copper fragments
    • Attacks itinerant merchants
    • Appears in any biome
  • Relic Collector
    • Peaceful crowd
    • Exchanges various items for a merchant's talisman
    • Attacks itinerant merchants
    • Appears in any biome
  • Skelegard
    • Hostile crowd
    • Gives a Skeletal Sword
    • Very strong
  • Skelegun
    • Hostile mob
    • Gives a fishing rod
    • When struck by lightning, it turns into a Skelegard
    • Appears in the electric biome
  • Skelemite
    • Hostile mob
    • Very fast

New mobs in mod

  • Deep Stone
  • Electrified mud
  • Electrified grass
  • Electrified Lithuania
  • Electrified log
  • Electrified board
  • Electrified seedling
  • Electrified stove
  • Electrified staircase
  • Electrified hatch
  • Gloomy Slate
  • Solid Skeletal Stone
  • Sieve
  • Skeletal stone

New blocks in mod

  • Copper fragment
    • You create in a stonecutter
    • Raw copper gives 9 copper fragments
    • A copper ingot gives 8 copper fragments
  • A sword made of deep stone
  • Grid
    • Used in the
  • Pigstep Remix sieve
  • Rod rocket launcher
    • Shoots rods
  • Rod
    • When hitting the ground, it creates a lightning bolt
  • Silk
    • Used to create a grid
  • Skeletal Sword
  • Merchant's mascot
    • Can be obtained from a Mystical Merchant

Mod with skeletons and biomes

Last update: November 17, 2021.
What's new?
  • The axolotl now drops raw axolotl
  • If an axolotl is killed by fire, a cooked axolotl falls from it
  • The amount of drop is affected by Enchantment.
  • Raw Axolotl gives Regeneration III for 10 seconds and restores 1 unit of hunger
  • Cooked axolotl takes 10 experience levels and restores 10 hunger units
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Fallen Kingdom (.mcaddon)

[1.66 Mb] downloads: 2601
Supported versions
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