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Mod: Gloom and Shroom
15-08-2021, 16:04 16 171
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Mod: Gloom and Shroom

Are you bored that mushrooms in Minecraft are practically not used and there is nothing interesting with them? If so, then we suggest you familiarize yourself with mod Gloom and Shroom, which will add a new structure to the game, mobs, boss, items and blocks related to the theme of mushrooms!

Enable the experiment functions for the mod to work.

Mushroom Temple
  • They can be found all over the world
  • Each temple has a randomly generated interior
  • The rarity of generation can be configured in the Behavior Pack
  • New mobs, items and boss appear in this temple

Mushroom temple in Minecraft

New mushroom mobs are quite aggressive and can cause problems if they attack in groups. We recommend that you prepare before going to them.

Mushroom caps
  • Most often appear in mushroom temples
  • By themselves, they are not so dangerous, but they can cause a lot of problems as a group
  • The nausea effect is applied for a short time
  • With a small chance, a mushroom cap may fall out of them
  • Put on a mushroom hat so that the mushroom caps do not perceive you as an enemy
  • In a hat they can be tamed with bone meal or rotten flesh
  • After taming, the hat can be painted in any color

Red griboshlyap

Red mushroom mob in Minecraft

Brown mushroom slap

Brown mushroom mob in Minecraft

Whispering mushroom slap

Whispering mushroom mob in Minecraft

Watchdog mushroom slap
  • The only stationary kind of mushroom caps
  • Shoot lasers
  • If the player is too close, the sentry mushroom will hide
  • They cannot be tamed in the usual way
  • To tame it is necessary to grow this mob from a sprout
  • The sprouts of sentry mushroom patches can be found in chests or knocked out from the sentry mushroom patches themselves
  • Tamed sentry mushrooms are friendly to players and hostile to monsters

Mushroom Watchdog mob in Minecraft

Boss Gribodum
This is the main and only boss in this expansion.
  • The biggest and strongest mob among mushroom
  • It has several types of attack
  • Mittens fall from it, allowing you to get into the treasury of the temple
  • Prepare well before the fight with him

Boss Gribodum in Minecraft

  • Mushroom gills, mushroom slabs, mushroom walls, mushroom roots, mushroom lamp
  • Mushroom mines can infect neighboring blocks
  • Mini-mushrooms look like a smaller version of a red mushroom, after a while mushroom temples grow out of them
  • Mushroom barrier blocks protect the treasury and disappear after the death of the boss

New mushroom blocks in Minecraft

Items and weapons
In the temple you can find the new mobs mentioned above, as well as new items — golden mushrooms and their stew.
  • Golden mushroom:
    • Gives strength and absorption
    • Can be used to create a stew

  • Stewed meat:
    • When eaten, it gives random powerful effects
    • It is an improved version of the suspicious stew

New mushroom food in Minecraft

Mushroom Transformation Staff turns monsters into a random mushroom slap. It is worth noting that the staff does not work with bosses.

Mushroom staff in Minecraft

The eye of the Sentry Mushroom appears in chests and can shoot a laser when used.

The eye of the mushroom mob in Minecraft

Mushroom Mind Gauntlets deal a lot of damage to enemies.

Boss Mittens in Minecraft

Additional screenshots

Mushroom temple structure
Blocks inside the mushroom temple
Mushroom mob
Mushroom watchman
The boss is sleeping
Mushroom boss in Minecraft
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