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Mod: Amethyst Equipment

19:10, 5 Jul 2021 15 449
Mod: Amethyst Equipment
Mod Amethyst Equipment adds to Minecraft a new type of armor and tools created from amethysts. At the same time, it does not replace existing equipment, and also it does not use player.json files.

There are two versions of the addon in total — one with an amethyst spear and one without it. Items can be enchanted, but the enchantment may not work properly. You will need to enable the Holiday Creator function in the World Creation settings. The tools can be taken in the second hand, but they don't do anything, but they look great in mcpe!

Mod: Amethyst Equipment

If you don't want to read the information below, you can just watch this video:

This mod adds:

Amethyst helmet: 3 points of protection, 203 strength.
For comparison: The diamond helmet has: 3 points of protection, 363 strength.

Amethyst breastplate: 7 points of protection, 295 units of strength.
Diamond breastplate: 8 points of protection, 528 units of strength.

Amethyst greaves: 5 points of protection, 276 units of strength.
Diamond greaves: 6 points of protection, 495 units of strength.

Amethyst boots: 3 points of protection, 240 units of strength.
Diamond boots: 3 points of protection, 429 units of strength.

Amethyst Sword: 7 damage, 500 strength, 20 speed.
Diamond Sword: 7 damage, 1561 durability, 15 speed.

Amethyst Pickaxe: 5 damage, 500 strength, 12 speed.
Diamond Pickaxe: damage 5, strength 1561, speed 8

Amethyst Axe: 6 damage, 500 strength, 12 speed.
Diamond Axe: 6 damage, 1561 durability, 8 speed.

Amethyst Shovel: 4 damage, 500 strength, 12 speed.
Diamond Shovel: 4 damage, 1561 durability, 8 speeds.

Amethyst Hoe: 5 damage, 500 strength, 12 speed.
Diamond Hoe: 5 damage, 1561 durability, 8 speeds.

Amethyst Spear (optional): strength 500, speed 12 (breaks cobwebs and bamboo)

Normal Hit (LMB click): 4 damage
Hit (PCM click): 20 damage, uses 10 strength, cooldown 3 seconds.

It has a radius of 4.5 blocks.

Has 2 seconds of recovery (you cannot attack for 2 seconds after striking)

Crafting recipes:

In-game models:

Where to find items:

And you can also look at the mod Copper Tools from the same author!

Supported versions
Weapons / Armor / Tools
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  1. Аватарка гостя
    10:08 26 Jul 21
    Мод топ мне нравится
  2. Аватарка гостя
    Апальков Александр
    18:20 23 Jul 21
    Что делать если мод или (текстуры)пишут ,не удалось импортировать а в письме написано, неизвестные айди, название набора и версия
    1. Аватарка гостя
      19:37 29 Dec 21
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