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Mod: Copper Equipment
4-07-2021, 12:55 9 626
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Mod: Copper Equipment

A fairly simple addon that adds tools, weapons and armor to the game from the new in Minecraft metal — copper! And at the same time, it does not replace anything.

  • Items can be enchanted, but enchantments may not work as intended;
  • You will need to enable the Holiday Creator features in the world settings;
  • The tools can be taken in hand, but they don't do anything. But they look great;
  • Copper armor protects the same as chain mail.

Mod: Copper Equipment

This mod includes:

Copper helmet (2 points of protection):

Copper breastplate (5 points of protection):

Copper greaves (4 points of protection):

Copper boots (1 point of protection):

Copper Sword (5 damage):

Copper Pickaxe (3 damage):

Copper Shovel (2 damage):

Copper Axe (4 damage):

Copper Hoe (3 damage):

They are made in the same way as regular equipment.

You can watch the video:

Last update: July 4, 2021
What's new?
  • Copper pickaxe can now destroy copper blocks
  • Fixed the display of item names
  • When attacking mobs with an axe, pickaxe, shovel or hoe, 2 strength is now spent instead of 1
  • Increased strength of tools

Supported versions
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