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Mod: Bossborn
16-06-2021, 19:02 16 804
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Mod: Bossborn

Mod Bossborn adds to Minecraft PE 10 new bosses, a ton of weapons and drops, as well as a separate soundtrack for each boss!

How to spawn bosses

To spawn all the bosses from this add–on, you will need a new workbench - The bosses' workbench. In it you will find items for spawning all bosses:

Mod: Bossborn

All bosses

All bosses of this add-on have their own peculiarities and difficulties that you will have to face. There is a separate item for each boss to summon.

Each boss drops at least 2 items when killed, including fragments of different colors that will be needed to summon the Final boss.

None of the tools that fall from bosses have durability.

Diamond golem

When called upon, it will not attack the player, but if you damage him, then with his powerful attack he will send you high into the air and when you land, you will receive fall damage, sometimes lethal.

Discards 7 Diamond Blocks or Golem Fist and blue fragment. Golem's fist sends mobs into the air when attacking (kills some mobs with one blow).

The Destroyer of the village

Quite a difficult boss, with high movement speed and huge damage.

Drops Monster Pants (the strongest armor in the game), Combat Steam (gives the effect of Force III for 10 seconds.) and orange fragment.

Swamp Mage

When using an item to summon a Swamp Mage, a tree will appear, on top of which there is a block, when destroyed, the boss himself will appear.

The only way to defeat this boss is by attacking from close range. Attacks with more than 15 blocks from the boss impose a desiccation effect on the attacker.

Resets the pink fragment, the Book of Pain and/or the Book of Peace.

The Book of Pain gives a Desiccation effect to all mobs around the player. The Book of the World heals everyone around mobs, including the player himself.

Angry/furious stone

The boss has 2 stages. The evil stone will just sit and attack if you get too close to it. When killing an Evil Stone, a Furious Stone will appear, which throws stones and summons Scales.

Resets gray fragment, Stone Rain Summoner and Defender. The Stone Rain Summoner drops stones on all nearby mobs. The Defender gives 7 seconds of invulnerability when used.

Ghost Miner

The Ghost miner uses dynamites in a long-range attack and places TNT in a close-range attack. Always drops a yellow fragment and a Sharp Pickaxe or Endless Dynamite (sometimes both).

Void Particle

A very tiny boss that summons about 10 small mobs when attacking. We advise you to first kill the Swamp Mage to get the Book of Pain, which will cause damage to all small mobs.

Resets Void Shifter or Void Teleporter, and white fragment. The void Shifter gives invisibility and speed. The Void Teleporter sends mobs to the lowest layer of the bedrock (the void).


When the Shaman calls, the day changes to night and it rains. Every few seconds, the Shaman will summon different groups of mobs. Drops 3 items when killed:
  • Devil Shaman's Staff – summons 4 Zombies around you;
  • A Good Shaman's Staff – summons 4 Snow Golems;
  • Green fragment.

Fire Patrol

The item that is needed to summon the boss is called Compressed Fortress. When placing this item, a structure similar to a small fortress is generated, inside which there will be one block. Interacting with the block, you summon 7 mobs (6 fire patrol mobs and 1 boss). It is recommended to kill 6 mobs first, then the boss, otherwise the mobs will baff their leader.

The following items fall from the boss:
  • Ring of Fire – forms a ring of fire on earth;
  • Heat Blaster – fires ammo that deals 8 points of damage;
  • Red fragment.


Storm attacks send you into the air, so stock up on a Slow-fall Potion. The Storm's long-range attack summons a huge number of particles that deal about 1 unit of damage and throw them into the air.

Drops 4 items:
  • The flight stick, which allows you to take off;
  • Fall Catcher – gives the effect of a slow fall for 1 second;
  • Wind Staff – when attacking a mob, sends it into the air;
  • Purple fragment.

Final boss

To spawn the final boss, you will need to collect all the fragments from the previous bosses by killing them and create an item for summoning.

Mob King

The strongest boss in the game. It has several types of ranged and melee attacks. The only way to defeat him is the King Killer Sword, which will appear in the inventory after summoning the final boss.

After killing the Mob King, you can get the following items:
  • 2 stacks of 64 Blocks of Netherite;
  • 2 stacks of 64 Blocks of Diamond;
  • Chunk Miner – destroys blocks in a radius of 16 blocks around you;
  • Ghost Fighter is a universal tool (it combines the functions of a pickaxe, shovel, axe and sword), instantly destroying any block in 1 hit;

All items dropped from bosses

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