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Mod: Llama’s Forges

7-06-2021, 18:16 12 266
Mod: Llama’s Forges
The process of creating simple tools from a few ingots and a couple of sticks is already boring! And what if we add methods of melting metals, making alloys, casting and assembling the coolest tools and armor? This is now possible with the mod "Llama's Forges" for Minecraft PE.


To begin with, you will need to mine zinc (a new ore), and also get some terracotta either from the mesa biome or by melting clay blocks. Then you can create Melting tank, which is used for melting ore and is filled with lava.

You will also need Foundry plant, which is used for the manufacture of molds and parts.

After you have manufactured all the parts, you will need to take a look at the advantages of the material and combine them in the Assembly table.

And now everything is in order. smile


As you probably already guessed, Zinc is a new ore located at levels Y 32 - 64. It is a metal, so it can be melted down into ingots, blocks or nuggets.

Mod: Llama’s Forges

Zinc nuggets can be turned into white paint, since in the real world zinc is actually used to create white paint.

Zinc ingots are used to create a template table and a wrench (see below).

Molten zinc can be combined with molten copper to form an alloy of brass.

It's a little difficult, but now we'll explain everything in detail! wink


A wrench is a tool used to remove new installations (Melting Tank, Casting Plant, Template Table and Assembly Table). The wrench is made of zinc. To use it, just hold it and sneak (Shift-right click) on the installation to remove it.

Crafting recipe:

Melting tank

The melting tank is the first installation you will need. The melting tank runs on fuel (lava). In it you will be able to melt ore for further use.

Crafting recipe:

Creating Lava:

1. Fill the installation with lava.

2. Interact (right-click) while holding a boulder in your hand.

3. The cobblestone will melt into lava and you will only have to collect the lava in an empty bucket [/i].

Creating Obsidian:

1. Fill the installation with lava.

2. Place a bucket of lava in the Melting tank.

3. Place a bucket of water next.

4. Interact to collect Obsidian.

Creating molten ore:

1. Make sure that the unit is fueled.

2. Interact by holding in your hand the necessary ore for melting.

3. Take the molten ore into the empty bucket.

Creating alloys:

At the moment, it is possible to create only 2 alloys in addon:

  • Brass = Zinc + Copper
  • Netherite = Debris + Gold.


Brass is an alloy made in a melting tank using zinc and copper.

Molten brass can be used to make durable molds in a foundry.

Molten brass can also be turned into brass ingots using a casting plant.

Brass ingots are used to create Assembly table.

Template table

The template table is a new workbench for creating templates. Templates are items that are used in a Foundry to create molds.

Crafting recipe:

To use the Template Table, interact with it, and then create the desired template. There is no template for the rod, just use a stick for this.

Casting plant

The foundry plant is used for the manufacture of molds, as well as for casting tool parts and armor using molds.

Crafting recipe:

Production of molds:

To create a form, you will need a template, which is done on Table of templates. Then place the template in the Casting plant, interact using the material from which you want to make the mold. You can use 2 materials:

  • Clay molds made of clay blocks – they are cheaper, but they can only be used once.
  • Brass molds made of molten brass are more expensive, but are reusable.

Casting tools and armor:

To cast tools and armor, first place the mold in the Foundry. Then interact using a bucket with the material you need. For example, to make a base for a diamond pickaxe, place a mold for the base of the pickaxe and a bucket of molten diamond.

Interact (Shift-right click) to take out the form.

Then you can combine the shape and parts in the Assembly table.

Advantages of materials

Using different materials for tools and armor gives them different advantages.

Advantages (enchantment) of tools:

  • Iron – Inviolability 2
  • Gold – Efficiency 4
  • Diamond – Luck 3
  • Netherite – Inviolability 4.

Advantages (enchantment) of weapons:

  • Iron – Sharpness 3
  • Gold – The Shape of Fire 2
  • Diamond – Mining 3
  • Netherite – Inviolability 3.

Advantages (enchantment) of armor:

  • Iron – Spikes 2
  • Gold – Protection 2
  • Diamond – Protection 4
  • Netherite – Inviolability 3.


Any equipment that uses two parts of the same material will get the opportunity to improve for experience points. This also applies to Nether Gold Ore gear, since Netherite is an alloy containing gold.

Assembly table

The assembly table is the final stage for the creation of weapons. To create it, you will need 2 Blocks of stone, 1 Brass ingot, 4 Boards (of any type) and 2 Iron ingots:

Combining parts

To start, go to the Assembly table, hold down Shift and interact until the desired item appears on top of the Assembly Table:

Then open the Assembly Table and create the necessary item from the material you need.

Note: after placing each installation, a book with a detailed guide on how to use each of them (in English) will be added to your inventory.

Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
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