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Mod: Beyond the Underground
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Mod: Beyond the Underground

Mod Beyond the Underground adds new caves where you will meet a variety of blocks, structures, mobs, and be able to create new useful items. If the usual caves in Minecraft if you are bored, then this add-on can fix it.

Glowing caves

These caves are generated exclusively under Mushroom Islands. Here you can feel safe, because this is a peaceful cave in which there are no hostile mobs. The whole cave is covered with vegetation, which very quietly illuminates everything around it.

Mod: Beyond the Underground

  • In this cave, giant mushrooms are generated;
  • Mushrooms of normal size are formed on the surface;
  • A vine grows right out of the ground;
  • All these plants emit a small amount of light!

  • Glowing Stew from glowing mushrooms can be created from 1 bowl and 2 glowing mushrooms;
  • Fills 6 hunger points (3 pieces of meat);
  • Puts a Night Vision effect on you for 15 seconds.

  • Luminite is a blue gemstone that can be found in Glowing Caves;
  • Luminite ore is generated at Y levels from -64 to 12 (from 1 to 12 in old world generation);
  • When destroyed, 1-2 fragments of luminite fall out.

  • Combine 8 pieces of luminite and 1 diamond on the workbench to get 1 luminite
  • Luminite can be used to make equipment!
  • Equipment made of luminite can burn in fire, but is invulnerable to explosions.

Here is a detailed picture proving that luminite is the next stage in the evolution of your armor:

  • Mushroom Elf appears in Glowing Caves;
  • They can be bred using Glowing Mushrooms;
  • They spawn in large groups of 4-8 pieces;
  • They have 8 health (4 hearts) and they die almost instantly from lava;
  • They run away from the player, but they can be lured with the help of glowing mushrooms;
  • When they are killed, 0-2 glowing mushrooms fall out.

Slimy pit
  • These caves are generated exclusively under swamps;
  • This is a very dangerous cave with a thick green fog that limits the drawing distance.

  • A layer of slimy stone replaces the stone, it will slow you down
  • A thick layer of mucus covers most of the surfaces
  • Slimy flowers and slimy sprouts grow here and there all over the cave
  • Carefully! Slime dripping from the ceiling!

  • Slime soup can be created from 1 bowl and 2 balls of slime;
  • Makes up for 3 hunger points (1.5 pieces of meat);
  • Gives you "High Jump II" for 8 seconds and "Resistance II" for 5 seconds;
  • Has a 45% chance to impose on you "Hunger I" for 30 seconds and "Nausea II" for 20 seconds.

Slime zombies
  • Slime zombies spawn in a Slime Pit
  • They appear in large hordes from 4 to 7 pieces
  • They have 20 health (10 hearts), like ordinary zombies
  • They will throw hardened slime balls at enemies that deal 7 damage (3.5 hearts) without armor
  • When they die, rotten flesh and hardened balls of slime fall from them
  • Slugs from vanilla Minecraft spawn here much more often — in groups of 2 to 4 pieces.

Limestone caves

These caves are created exclusively in deserts. This is a very dusty cave with a thick yellowish-pale fog.

  • All the stone in this cave has been replaced with Limestone, Paved Limestone and Sandstone;
  • Sometimes generates Quicksand;
  • Hanging from the ceiling here, Sandy Roots/

  • Scorpions spawn in Limestone Caves;
  • They appear in packs of 2-4 pieces;
  • They have 16 health (i.e. 8 hearts);
  • They inflict 10 seconds of Poison on each attack;
  • Raw Scorpion meat falls out of them at death (or Fried Scorpion meat if they died in fire or lava);
  • Vanilla Cadavers also appear here, and quite often. Usually in groups of 2-4 mobs.


  • Raw Scorpion meat makes up for one point of hunger (or 0.5 hearts);
    • It will impose on you the effect of Poison II for 10 seconds, Hunger III for 10 seconds and Nausea III for 8 seconds;

  • Raw Scorpion meat can be fried in an oven or smokehouse to cook it. Then it will fill 5 points of the hunger scale (2.5 hearts).

  • Raw Scorpion meat can be used to brew potions of Deadly Poison.

Limestone dungeons
  • There are 4 spawners, 2 with scorpions and 2 with cadavers;
  • In the middle is a chest with valuable loot.

  • Limestone dungeons are built from Limestone Bricks. You can create them out of limestone, and there are many other options!

  • Ice caves

    Ice caves are generated under cold biomes.

    Ice caves in Minecraft

    Ice blocks

    In the ice caves you will find a variety of new blocks.
    • Ice crystals and frozen rocks appear on the surface of caves;
    • Crystal ice and blue ice make up the ceiling of the cave;
    • You can find pebbles on the floor;
    • Icicles hang down from above.

    • Penguins appear in ice caves and on the surface of cold biomes;
    • They appear in groups of 3 to 5 on the surface and 2 to 4 underground;
    • Penguins have 10 health units (5 hearts);
    • Vagrants appear here more often, in groups of 2 to 4.

    Penguins in Minecraft

    Frozen potion
    • Ice crystals can be used to create a Cold Potion, which gives slowness and mountain fatigue.

    Cold potion in Minecraft

    Lost Explorer's Camp
    • Camps of lost explorers appear in ice caves between Y=-30 and 20.
    • Due to an error in the game, explorers will not appear in structures, interact with a suitcase with an emerald in your hand to summon it.

    Lost Explorer in Minecraft

    Ice blocks
    • Packed ice bricks can be created using packed ice.

    New ice blocks in Minecraft

    • You can select a subpack by applying a behavior pack to your world, and then clicking the gear next to the deactivate button.
    • You must have version 1.17.10 or higher. Betas, 21 and 22 are not supported.
    • When upgrading to a newer version, set the subpack to the correct parameters.
    • Incorrect subpack settings may cause errors

    In the settings of the world, do not forget to enable the experiment functions.

    Activating the mod

    Last updated: August 29, 2021
    What's new?
    • Added Ice caves appearing under cold caves
    • Added icicles and ice crystals
    • Lost seekers dwell in these caves
    • Penguins added
    Last version: 1.2
    Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

    Download mod Beyond the Underground (.mcaddon)

    [8.6 Mb] downloads: 2680

    Supported versions
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              Эхх... С такой грамматикой другого человека называть школьником... Это идиотизм, учи русский и перед тем как писать такое закончи 4 класс
            2. Аватарка гостя
              Ну чел Обнова 1.17 кому как нравится я Олд в плане майна но если тебе не нравится 1.17 это твоё дело почему школьники скажы
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        Ты фигня разбойник школьники тоже в майн играют
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