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Mod: Teleporters

24-03-2021, 20:01 15 527
Mod: Teleporters
Mod Bits & Bytes: Teleporters adds color-coded teleport blocks that can be used to quickly move mobs, objects or yourself through the local area at any Y level. Use them to quickly travel around your base!

Teleports in this add-on work in the 180×180 range from Y=-64 to Y=320, and they can also be color-coded so that you have multiple paths to teleport!

Teleport crafting recipe

Mod: Teleporters

How to use teleport

You need to enable the Holiday Maker Features experiments for this add-on to work. After creating a teleport, place it in the world and use a dye to assign it a color. Once you set the color, you can move between teleports of the same color and back! Teleports can move players, mobs, and items. They can be reprogrammed at any time by simply using a dye of a different color. There are 16 possible colors, so you have plenty of ways to travel!

Notes on using 3+ teleports of the same color

This section is a bit complicated, but it contains important technical information for those who want to use a lot of teleports in a small area. If you are not going to place more than 2 teleports of the same color in the 180 × 180 area from Y=-64 to Y=320, then feel free to skip this section! smile

Technically, the use of more than 2 teleports of the same color is possible, but there are several important points to understand, now we will look at them and analyze them!

When you activate the teleport, it searches for another teleport of the same color in the following order: bottom, then west, then north, then south, then east, then top.

You will be teleported to the first teleport point found.

Simply put, the teleport starts the search with Y=-64. There he looks at the extreme north-western position searching for a teleporter of the same color. If nothing is found, he moves one block to the south and looks there. This continues until the teleporter reaches the south-westernmost position. If the point is not found, it will move one position to the east and start again from the northernmost block in this column. This continues until the teleporter completes the search over the entire 180 × 180 square. If the teleportation point is still not found, it moves one block up to Y=-63 and does it all over again until it eventually reaches Y=320. If nothing is found, teleportation does not occur.

Let's look at an example. Suppose you have several teleports of the same color, and they are arranged like this:

In this situation, using teleport 1 will result in teleport 4. Using any teleport besides 1 will result in a return to 1 because teleport 1 is in the extreme northwest.

Now let's add a bottom-up priority factor. If there was another teleport of the same color at a lower Y level than these, then they would ALL go to the teleport at a lower Y level because they all found it first. If some teleported was at Y level above these, then NONE of them would be able to get to it because they would be the first to find each other.

Again, this only applies to using 3 or more teleports of the same color in the local area. If you use two blue teleports in your house and then decide to use blue again in your mine 500 blocks away, the home teleports will NOT connect to the teleports in the mine.

Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod Teleporters (.mcaddon)
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