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Mod: The Frosted Expansion Pack
27-09-2021, 00:29 21 927
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Mod: The Frosted Expansion Pack

Mod The Frosted Expansion Pack is based on the addition Creeping Winter to the game Minecraft Dungeons and adds a real frosty adventure in which new monsters, items are waiting for you, structures, changes in biomes and many other things that were not previously in MCPE

Be sure to include experimental features in editing the world.

Activating the Frosty Adventures mod

Frozen zombie
  • Health: 20
  • Throws snowballs, dealing 4 damage
  • Can rush to the target and deal 3 damage

Frozen zombie in Minecraft

Ice creeper
  • Health: 20
  • Causes a slowness effect when exploding

Ice creeper in Minecraft

  • Health: 30
  • Creates blocks of ice that chase the player until they fall on him
  • Appears in the mountains at any time

Cryomancer in Minecraft

  • Health: 188 and 1 for the clone
  • Shoots arrows with fireworks
  • Can create his own clones
  • Appears only in the camp of the Illusionist

Illusion in Minecraft

  • Health: 20
  • Creates fire
  • Appears in the Valley of the sand of souls
  • Can teleport to the player if he gets too close

Ghost in Minecraft

Cursed Ghost
  • Health: 600
  • Attacks with ghost balls
  • Appears only in a Lonely Fortress
  • Sleeps, but wakes up when interacting

The Cursed Ghost in Minecraft

Ice stick
  • Creates blocks of ice
  • Can be found in Ice columns in the biome of Alpine glaciers

Ice stick in Minecraft

Ice spit
  • Damage: 8
  • Creates icy rain when used
  • Drops out of the Cursed Ghost

Ice spit in Minecraft

Ice armor
  • If a player attacks mobs in this armor, a slowness effect is applied to them
  • Can be found in Ice columns in the biome of Alpine glaciers

Ice armor in Minecraft


Vanilla ice and cold biomes, such as snowy tundra, frozen river, cold taiga and icy mountains, have been partially updated. Now these biomes have a bluer mist to create the effect of winter. Grass and dirt were replaced with new blocks.

Changes in biomes

You will be able to find a new biome called Alpine Glaciers. It was ported from Minecraft Dungeons.

New glacial biome

Ice pillars

In the biome of Alpine glaciers there is a chance to find Ice columns. At the top of the column is a strange glowing ice block, from which some new items may fall out.

Ash tree

Ash tree in Minecraft

Illusor's Camp

Illusor's camp in Minecraft

Destroyed Igloo

Destroyed igloo in Minecraft

Settlers' House

It can only be found in the biome of Alpine glaciers.

Settlers' House in Minecraft

There is an arena under the house. Activate the button to start the three-stage trial.
  • At the first stage, Frozen zombies, Tramps and Spiders appear
  • At the second stage, Cryomancers will appear instead of spiders
  • At the last stage, mobs will appear faster
  • After passing the test, a diamond chest will appear next to you


Some blocks have functionality.

New cold blocks

Settler house blocks cannot be created, but you can get them from the house itself.

Crafting a block with snow

All unique recipes

Animation with all block recipes

Last update: v1.2 (September 26, 2021)
What's new?
  • Added A Cursed Ghost
  • Glacier Removed
  • Added a Ghost
  • Frozen Mucus Removed
  • The Illusionist no longer has a boss strip
  • Chunks of ice renamed Falling Ice Blocks
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod The Frosted Expansion Pack (.mcaddon)

[2.11 Mb] downloads: 5453
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