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Mod: Portal Gun
16-04-2022, 12:57 158 258
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Mod: Portal Gun

Do you like the game Portal and you adore portal guns from it? With the mod Portal Gun , new portal guns will appear in the Minecraft, with which you can move around, creating special portals. In addition, all guns have excellent models, animations and sounds.

Portals in Minecraft

The video below demonstrates all the features of this mod.

Normal Portal Gun is created from one Edge eye, six obsidians and two iron ingots.

Mod: Portal Gun

Potato portal gun is similar to the usual one, but additionally reproduces the sounds of GLaDOS from the original game.

It is created from an ordinary portal gun and potatoes.

Potato gun recipe

The Rick and Morty Portal gun is created from six iron ingots, two glasses and one Edge eye.

Rick and gun recipe Морти

By default, the guns have a blue color, after creating a blue portal, it will be switched to orange mode.

Gun mode in Minecraft

You can switch between modes by crouching down and taking a shot.

Gravity Gun

Gravity Gun

How to pick up blocks?
  • Take the portal gun in your hand (except Rick and Morty)
  • Look down and take a shot to turn the gun into a gravity
  • Shoot the blocks to pick up

How to place a block?
  • Place the flying block in the place where you want to put it
  • Sit down or take a shot to place it

A gravity gun can be turned back into a regular one just by looking and firing a shot.

Gravity blocks

Creating black holes

You can create real black holes using guns from this mod! Just take the gun in your hand and make a shot, looking up.

Black hole in Minecraft

Everything that happens to be near the black hole will be absorbed by it and destroyed, including your items.

Learning screen

Last update: April, 16 2022.
What's new?
  • New items for map makers
  • Demo map

Supported versions
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