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24-04-2024, 18:51 6 861

Preparations for the release of the next major update are well underway and this week we received a new Beta and Preview! Minecraft has been updated with various changes and bug fixes. More details below and on the developers website.


  • The Trial Chambers Map item has been renamed to Trial Explorer Map.
  • Decorated Pots made with Pottery Sherds in Trial Chambers are now oriented correctly.
  • "stone_block_slab" block is now split into unique instances "smooth_stone_slab", "sandstone_slab", "oak_slab", "cobblestone_slab", "brick_slab", "stone_brick_slab", "quartz_slab" and "nether_brick_slab". The id "oak_slab" had already been split from "wooden_slab", as a result, any "stone_block_slab:2" will be turned into the already existing "oak_slab" id.
  • Copper Trapdoor now oxidizes with time.
  • Added missing crafting recipes for the following blocks.
    • Exposed Chiseled Copper from Exposed Cut Copper Slab x 2.
    • Waxed Chiseled Copper from Waxed Cut Copper Slab x 2.
  • Entities affected by Weaving can now move through Cobweb with 50% of their normal speed instead of 25%.
  • Tweaked the cost of applying the Mace's exclusive enchantments in the Enchanting Table.
  • Flower forests now generate all expected flower types.
  • Mace can now also be enchanted with Unbreaking, Smite, Fire Aspect, and Bane of Arthropods.
  • Changed the sounds of Bad Omen effect being applied, the Ominous Bottle breaking after use, and when Bad Omen converts into Raid Omen.
  • Added 4 new ambient cave sounds.
  • Infested:
    • Silverfish will now spawn at the center of the Infested entity's bounding box and fling out in the direction the entity is facing.
    • Now has a 10% chance to spawn 1-2 Silverfish instead of 5%.
  • Weaving:
    • Now more consistently spawns 2-3 cobwebs on death.
    • No longer places Cobwebs if the "mob griefing" gamerule is turned off.
  • Trial Chambers:
    • Added new trap dispenser style to chambers.
    • Fixed various broken jigsaw connections in corridors.
    • Added new intersection variation.
    • Remade "Chamber 6", and renamed it to "Assembly".
    • Chamber Eruption:
      • Adding missing Water Bucket to the Dispenser.
    • Added new wall dispenser style.
  • Trial Spawners now emit Trial Omen particles instead of Sculk Soul particles when becoming Ominous.
  • Adjusted loot tables for projectiles dropped when in ominous state to match Java Edition.
  • Players are now chosen 50% of the time (instead of mobs) for dropping projectiles on top of.
  • Bad Omen gained by drinking an Ominous Bottle will no longer emit particles around the player.
  • Updated loot tables of Vaults and Ominous Vaults to match Java Edition.
  • Added a new HUD overlay that displays the number of days played in a world. The overlay is enabled with the "Show days played" world setting.
  • The Breeze now aims slightly higher when shooting at the player.
  • Breeze Wind Charge can now hurt mobs in Boats and Minecarts.
  • Splash potions now have the same duration as drinkable potions.
  • The types of damage that can cause a mob to panic have been restricted. 
    • Only the following damage causes now induce panic:
      • "campfire"
      • "entity_attack"
      • "entity_explosion"
      • "fire"
      • "fire_tick"
      • "fireworks"
      • "freezing"
      • "lava"
      • "lightning"
      • "magic"
      • "magma"
      • "projectile"
      • "ram_attack"
      • "sonic_boom"
      • "soul_campfire"
      • "temperature"
      • "wither"

Changes in Minecraft


  • Talked to Hirobrin, no more pissing on the Villagers' farmlands.
  • Flower forests now generate all expected flower types.
  • Fixed issue where Spectator mode would have noclip and flying disabled when returning to a Hardcore world after dying.
  • Fixed a recipe bug where any type of Stone Slab could be used to craft a Grindstone with Crimson, Mangrove, or Warped Planks. It can now only accept the actual normal Stone Slab, no other type of stones.
  • Fixed an issue where the Torch icon was vertically centered in the inventory slot.
  • When using touch controls, Nether Portals can once again be destroyed by destroying the Portal surface.
  • Fixed an issue with fall damage not being negated when falling onto Slime Blocks or Powder Snow after using a Wind Charge.
  • Fixed a bug where Vaults could not be opened with a Trial Key

Fixes in Minecraft

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