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18-04-2024, 19:34 9 775

The Minecraft Beta and Preview update. Starting with this update, it is no longer necessary to enable experimental features to access future update features. Details below and on the developers' website.


  • The features that were previously under experimental toggle "Update 1.21" have been “de-experimentified” and are now available during normal gameplay
  • Cartographers can now sell Trial Chamber Map when the “Villager Trade Rebalancing” experimental toggle is enabled

Experimental in Minecraft


  • Enabled updated the player Profile page on Xbox and PlayStation
  • The following blocks can now be combined with a Honeycomb to produce their waxed variants
    • Exposed Chiseled Copper
    • Oxidized Chiseled Copper
    • Weathered Chiseled Copper
  • "double_plant" block is now split into unique instances "sunflower", "lilac", "tall_grass", "large_fern", "rose_bush" and "peony"
  • Made potion duration of the Wind Charged, Infested, Weaving, and Oozing effects match Java Edition (3 minutes)
  • The Breeze now slides during combat

Changes in Minecraft


  • Players can no longer acquire infinite loot from Decorated Pots in Trial Chambers
  • The Vault and Ominous Vault textures were fixed due to some inconsistencies
  • Vaults are no longer incorrectly rotated in Trial Chambers
  • Fixed Oozing, Weaving, Wind Charging, Infestation, Raid Omen, and Trial Omen particles to use the correct effect and texture
  • The Stonecutter now fully supports Tuff Bricks and Polished Tuff
  • Added missing crafting recipes for blocks
    • Oxidized Chiseled Copper
    • Waxed Copper Grate
    • Waxed Exposed Chiseled Copper
    • Waxed Exposed Copper Grate
    • Waxed Oxidized Chiseled Copper
    • Waxed Oxidized Copper Grate
    • Waxed Weathered Chiseled
    • Copper Waxed Weathered
    • Copper Grate Weathered
    • Chiseled Copper
  • Waxing an upside-down Copper Trapdoor now preserves its state
  • Camera no longer briefly flashes incorrect animations or perspectives when switching camera presets
  • Camera content error no longer appears when teleported to loaded chunks
  • When a player dies in a Nether Portal, they no longer spawn with a shaky camera
  • Status effect particle colors are no longer blended into one particle color  
    • Up to 8 active visible status effect particles are now rendered separately
  • The Bogged mob now shoots with the designed frequency of once every 3.5 seconds
  • Fixed the game inconsistently advertising free Realms trial based on multiple sources
  • Recipes that are always unlocked will be available when the game rule "dolimitedcrafting" is ON
  • Stack splitting window is now aligned with the inventory slots
  • The text on the Realms buttons in Create New World and Edit World have been made consistent with each other
  • The respawn radius field now resets to the correct default value if given invalid input

Fxies in Minecraft

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