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The Minecraft Beta and Preview has been released for Android and other Bedrock platforms. The new update adds a Vault block to the game, makes various changes and fixes bugs. Details are below and on the developers' website.


  • All sounds emitted by Armadillos are now audible even when the player is facing away
  • Armadillos
    • Armadillos now keeps track of the last player who hit them, regarding them as a threat for 10 seconds
    • Hurt sounds emitted by rolled-up Armadillos have been updated
  • Breeze
    • Breeze is now aggressive toward Iron Golems, in addition to players
    • Breeze no longer retaliates against attacks from the following mobs: Skeletons, Strays, Zombies, Husks, Spiders, Cave Spiders, and Slimes
    • The above mobs don't retaliate when hurt by the Breeze's Wind Charge projectile
    • Fixed the Breeze's run particles to pick up particle color/texture from Leaf blocks if that's the block immediately below the Breeze

Experimental features in Minecraft


  • A block that holds locked treasure and loot - find the right key to eject its rewards
    • Found throughout Trial Chambers, containing the structures' most valuable loot
    • Vaults in Trial Chambers require a Trial Key to be unlocked
  • Can be unlocked by an unlimited amount of players
    • After a player has unlocked a Vault, they cannot unlock that Vault again
    • If a player has not unlocked that Vault before, an orange stream of particles will flow from the player to the Vault when nearby
  • Has a keyhole that will be open or closed depending on the players nearby
    • If any nearby player has not unlocked that Vault, the keyhole will be open
    • If all nearby players have unlocked that Vault, the keyhole will be closed
  • Within its cage, it will cycle through and display items which are possible to eject from its loot table
  • The rewards it ejects are randomized from its loot table each time it is unlocked
  • Vaults currently reuse the same loot table that reward chests previously used in the Trial Chambers
    • This loot table is temporary and will be completely revised as development continues
  • Cannot be crafted or obtained in Survival mode, and does not drop anything when mined
  • Explosion-resistant and cannot be moved

Vault block in Minecraft


  • The '/damage' command no longer contains the damage type 'su***de'
  • Added "has_property" filter for entity target selector that allows for targeting based on the type and value of properties
  • Spawn Eggs are now called "[Mob] Spawn Egg" instead of "Spawns [Mob]" so that players can more easily search for them in the Creative inventory
  • When fed, baby mobs now emit both sound and particles
  • Added a new story type called "Realm Events". These new stories are automatically posted to the feed when interesting events happen on your Realm

Changes in Minecraft


  • Fixed a bug that could cause the loading screen to get stuck for some time at 41%
  • In Realms, attempting destruction of one Sea Turtle Egg on a stack of more than one in Creative no longer destroys two at once
  • All sounds emitted by Phantoms are now audible even when the player is facing away
  • All sounds emitted by Wardens are now audible even when the player is facing away
  • Fixed an issue with time stamps on Stories being centered instead of displaying in the top right corner
  • Fixed a crash caused by Realms Stories pagination
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using a gamepad to go back from the Members tab in Realms Stories
  • Fixed issue with time blocks not rendering correctly after changing the time zone on PlayStation
  • Fixed an issue with the screen reader narrating unavailable Realms pages
  • Fixed an issue where GUI scaling being turned off caused most of Realms Plus PDP text to be missing
  • Fixed an issue where user would get an error message incorrectly displaying on the "Choose a Preview Realm" screen after they had backed out of the "Choose a Subscription" screen

Fixes in Minecraft

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