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The development of Minecraft 1.20 has officially ended. This week, the developers released a new Minecraft Beta and Preview Added the ability to crawl, improving changes have been made and bugs have been fixed.

Sneak and Crawl (Experimental)
  • Added the ability to crawl behind the Short Sneaking and Crawling Experimental toggle
  • Created new player crawling animation
  • Players will now begin crawling when in a 1 block gap, similar to sneaking
  • Crawling is the same speed as sneaking
  • Players will automatically stand up or begin sneaking if they leave the 1 block gap
  • Players will begin swimming if they enter water while crawling, or vice-versa
  • Player's model is now centered around their hitbox when swimming
  • Players are no longer able to sneak while riding
  • Players will now always spawn projectiles from the camera position when sneaking, swimming, or gliding
  • Players will now spawn particle effects when eating in the correct position if they are sneaking, swimming, or gliding
  • Loyalty Tridents will always return to the player's camera
  • Players will no longer suffocate when short sneaking in certain scenarios
  • Players will no longer suffocate when riding on a Camel in 2 block gaps
  • Players will no longer be pushed slightly when short sneaking is by being pushed by a block
  • Fixed many interactions where being forced into sneaking acted the same as holding the sneak button

  • Polished Deepslate can now be replaced by Sculk during world generation
  • Farmer Villagers will now interact with Torchflower Seeds and Pitcher Pods. They can pick up the seeds and plant them, but they will not harvest the Torchflower or Pitcher Crop
  • Decorated Pots crafted with at least one Sherd now have a hover tooltip displaying the Sherd and Brick ingredients
  • Camera position is now used for audio system listening and ambient sounds
  • Players without permission to open/close containers can no longer interact with Chiseled Bookshelves
  • Note Block on top of Soul Soil now produces the Harp sound instead of the Snare sound
  • Rendering of snow or rain is now based on camera position instead of player position
  • Changed the Pause Menu disconnection text to be platform agnostic
  • Added a toggle to all platforms enabling extra-large GUI scaling beyond what the GUI slider allows
  • Imported worlds now get their last played date modified to the time they were imported
  • Vibrations
    • Placing, rotating, or removing an item in an Item Frame or in a Glow Item Frame now emits vibrations
    • Charging a Respawn Anchor now emits vibrations
    • Scraping or applying wax to blocks of the Copper block set now emits vibrations
    • Switching a Daylight Detector to an Inverted Daylight Detector, or vice-versa, now emits vibrations
    • Adding food to a Campfire now emits vibrations
    • Adding or removing a Music Disc to a Jukebox now emits vibrations
    • Mud turning into Clay now emits vibrations
    • Harvesting Sweet Berries now emits vibrations
    • Placing an Eye of Ender in an End Portal Frame now emits vibrations
    • Bees now emit vibrations when entering or exiting a Beehive or a Bee Nest
    • Interacting with a Composter now emits vibrations
    • Attaching or detaching a Lead from a Fence now emits vibrations
    • Attaching or detaching a Lead from a mob now emits vibrations
    • Dying a Sheep now emits vibrations
    • Picking Glow Berries now emits vibrations
    • Farmland turning into Dirt now emits vibrations
    • Using a Spawn Egg on a Monster Spawner now emits vibrations
    • Silverfish merging with blocks now emit vibrations
    • Using a Hoe on Rooted Dirt now emits vibrations
    • Using a Shovel to create Dirt Paths now emits vibrations
    • Placing a Door now emits vibrations
    • Planting seeds in Farmland now emits vibrations

Changes in Minecraft

Vanilla Parity
  • Items dropped by storage entities are now centered inside the nearest block
  • Shovel has been removed from Boat recipe
    • The Bamboo Raft recipe has not been updated yet
  • Barrel recipe has been modified to use planks instead of Sticks
  • The Cobweb to String recipe has been removed
  • Fixed a bug where Zombie Villager did not drop given item after curing
  • Wild Horses, Mules, and Donkeys can now be tempted using a Golden Apple/Carrot or Enchanted Apple. Llamas will be tempted by a player holding a Hay Bale

Vanilla Parity in Minecraft

  • Polished Basalt and Chiseled Deepslate can no longer be replaced by Sculk during world generation
  • Cauldron water texture is now the correct version
  • Shovel can no longer mine Packed Mud as fast as Pickaxe
  • Placing blocks on Top Snow and Tall Grass while moving side to side will no longer cause them to stack up continuously
  • Fixed issues with highlighted blocks and mob shadows appearing through the Pumpkin head overlay on Switch
  • Fixed black pixels being generated on maps when Client-Side Chunk Generation is enabled
  • The sound played when a Camel is dashing is no longer played repeatedly
  • Fixed issue with Jump Boost effect not affecting Magma Cubes
  • Fixed an issue that caused the inventory to get locked up after auto placing

Fixes in Minecraft
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