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Minecraft PE Beta 1.12
26-06-2019, 10:31 2 458 249
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Minecraft PE Beta 1.12

Technical Update brings to Minecraft PE 1.12 a number of very important features for creating add-ons, maps and scripts, as well as fixes various game bugs.

The main features of this update are the ability to create your own biomes, items and blocks!

Minecraft PE Beta 1.12

Remember that various errors are possible, and at the moment you can create your own blocks only using the scripting API.

In the near future, we will try to tell you more about these features.

Minecraft BETA 1.12 Update

Updated: June 26, 2019.
Latest version: v1.12.0.14
What's new?:
  • Improved game optimization.
  • Improved text rendering for beta debugging
  • Fixed a bug where invalid characters were used in some sets in the game store, causing geometry and texture errors.
  • Work on removing Herobrine from the game is still ongoing.
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    Разработчики тупые
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      Разработчики тут не виноваты
  7. Аватарка гостя
    Пипихи жопа
    Всем привет скачать на мобильник 1.12 не знаю я скачал
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