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Map: Fast Bridge Practice
3-05-2022, 02:00 2 010
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Map: Fast Bridge Practice

A single world map Fast Bridge Practice for Minecraft to practice the skills of running on walls and building bridges in different (and, most importantly, fast) ways! So that you can run away, save or chase someone and always win. This is a world in which you will have to pass through the walls of buildings, avoiding arrows, holes and falls until you reach the end.

If you step on red, you lose, green is a checkpoint, and everything else is an area for construction.

  • It's a one-player world;
  • Don't change your game mode;
  • If you drop an item, it will come back to you.

Map: Fast Bridge Practice

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  1. cuboblock
    написано сбой импорта мира
  2. TheDimeded
    Карта хорошая для тренировки реакции сайдет
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