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Camel [Mob]
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Camel [Mob]

Camels appeared in Minecraft 1.20 and immediately became one of the favorite game animals among players. They are distinguished by their friendly behavior and a set of positive qualities.

Although the animal prefers to wander aimlessly through villages in deserts, it also knows how to pass difficult obstacles deftly and avoid all kinds of dangers.


Moreover, the height of his legs allows him to step over fences and buildings 1.5 blocks high. This helps a lot in survival mode and not only.


Spawn in places like deserted villages. They are easy to notice, as they have a rather bright color and a large size.

Camel in the village

It is not uncommon to meet resting Camels. At this time, they recover their strength.

Animal features

The positive qualities of Camels that the developers have given them will help players from all over the world to improve their gaming experience and get many positive emotions. After all, mobs have interesting and useful features, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • You can ride and travel on it without fear for your life
  • Has inventory available after taming
  • To open the inventory, use the “Open Inventory” button, or sit and interact with the mob
  • One slot in the Camel's inventory allows you to add only one saddle to it
  • The growth of the mob doesn't allow the attack of mobs such as Husk and Zombies. This applies to all entities attacking melee
  • It is worth being wary of creatures attacking with the help of ranged combat, the animal doesn't save players from their attacks
  • Attaching a Lead, will follow the player

Don't count on fast movement on horseback on this animal. They move slowly, and run a little faster. But despite this, the trip will be memorable.

Description of a tamed camel

Also, it is worth noting that the jerk of a Camel has its own recovery time, which totals 2.75 seconds.


Camels love Cacti. It is they who should be used to tame mobs.

Camel breeding process

If two adults eat cacti, they will multiply. The appearance of one Camel cub is possible no more than every five minutes.


An important aspect of any mob is that it drops after death. It is worth knowing that:

  • Drops 1-3 XP when dies from a player
  • Drops the saddle if the Camel was equipped with it
  • Drops 1-7 XP after breeding
  • Baby Camels don't have a drop

A tamed Camel will bring a lot of benefits if you take care of your pet and take advantage of all its positive features. You should definitely go searching for him to increase your experience and get a new friend.

By the way, if you just damage an animal, it will get up and run away, which indicates the absence of any aggressive tendencies towards players.

The camel is lying

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