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How to easily find a biome in Minecraft?
20-04-2022, 03:00 11 658
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How to easily find a biome in Minecraft?

Minecraft Bedrock still does not have a locate biome command. In addition, it is not very convenient to search for some structures and dungeons. In this guide, we will help you find the right biome or structure!


So, go to the site https://www.chunkbase.com/apps/seed-map. You will see something like the following window:

Interface of the biome search site

The first important fields:
  • Seed: enter your world's seed (or other necessary one) here
  • Version: select the game version. For example, Bedrock 1.19 (Beta)
  • Dimension: leave Overworld, if necessary, you can choose the Nether or End

Seed and version input fields

At the time of writing the guide for Bedrock 1.19 (Beta), only the Ancient City was available from the structures, but in the future the creators of the site promise to supplement the functionality.

Structure selection options

Next, find the field with coordinates.

Enter the X and Z coordinates of your location and press the Go! button.

Entering coordinates in the field

Set the checkbox Highlight biomes and select the biomes you need in the field next to it. Thanks to this, the selected biomes will be highlighted in color, which is convenient for searching for them.

Selecting the desired biome in the list

Hover the cursor over the desired biome or structure, the coordinates will be below. Remember them and use them in Minecraft (teleport or get to the place)!

(if a comma is a thousand, then "1,241.5" in the screenshot below means "1241.5").

Coordinates of the biome

Actually, that's it! The site can be used for different purposes. Be sure to write in the comments if something didn't work out for you! blush

reload, if the code cannot be seen
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