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Minecraft 1.17: Five useful farms
18-06-2021, 08:50 65 614
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Minecraft 1.17: Five useful farms

Started playing the update Minecraft 1.17, but are you looking for useful automatic farm schemes? In this guide, we have created a selection of five interesting and useful farms for those who have already started playing the new version of the game!


Automatic Farm of Glowing Berries

Do you love Glowing berries and want to make a farm to create a source for getting this delicious food? This scheme is designed to quickly create an automatic farm for getting berries!

In the GIF below you can see how this farm works in general.

Autofarm of glowing berries

Let's start creating it!

Place the Observer blocks and Pistons as shown in the screenshot below.

Observer blocks and pistons in the diagram

Put any blocks in the back, you need to place on themRed stone dust.

Rear view of the berry farm scheme

Go back to the front of the circuit and destroy the grass blocks.

Remove the ground for the circuit

On one side of the circuit, remove the dirt so that the height is two blocks. Put in their placeFunnel and Double chest.

Place the chest near the diagram and the funnel

On the other side, pour water so that it forms a spring.

Create a water source

Close part of the diagram with blocks to "hide" unnecessary.

Close the diagram with blocks

Place Glowing berries also as shown in the screenshot below.

Place glowing berries

Now close the rest of the circuit using the necessary blocks and Glass.

This is necessary so that the berries fall exactly into the water, which will deliver items to the funnel.

Close the rest of the diagram with blocks

Glowing berries farm completed and now you can use the remaining "hole" in the ground to gain access to the chest and berries!

Amethyst Shard Farm

This is not an automatic farm, but the scheme simplifies and accelerates production Fragments of amethyst.

Shard farm operation amethyst

Enchant your pickaxe with enchantment Luck III, increases the chance of getting more resources when mining.

Pickaxe with Luck charm III

Now you have to find the Amethyst Geode.

Geode in Minecraft 1.17

If you are lucky enough to find it, then it's time to clear the geode of extra blocks, leaving only Blooming amethyst, on which the amethysts themselves grow.

This process is not necessary at all, but it will make it easier for you to get fragments, since amethysts grow on each of the four sides of the Budding Amethyst.

Preparing the Shard farm

Up to four fragments fall from one cluster, and thanks to charu Luck III you will be able to increase the chance of falling fragments to 16 pieces per cluster!

Using a pickaxe to get amethyst shards

Potato farm

This farm is needed for the next farm — experience farm. In addition, it is very useful for creating a source of permanent potatoes.

Place Distributors as follows.

Distributors in potato farm scheme

Above Distributors put the piston.

Piston over distributors

Arrange the blocks and place Lever as shown in the screenshot below.

Lever near distributors

Go to the back of the diagram and place the blocks as follows.

Rear view of the potato farm scheme

Install Comparator and activate it.


Position The red stone dust is also as shown in the screenshot below.

Top view of the potato farm scheme

Go back to the distributors, break the bottom block and pour the water.

Pour water near the distributors

Place a grass block and use a hoe to create a bed.

Garden near distributors

Activate the lever by using Lever.

Activate the mechanism

Use the distributors to put in them Bone meal.

Bone meal in the dispenser

Now just plant potatoes and get more potatoes!

The use of potatoes in the farm

The main costs in this farm scheme are Bone meal. But thanks to it, you will be able to increase the number of potatoes and use it for the next scheme.

Potato Farm Results

Farm experience

Do you want to get the desired level faster? Thanks to the scheme of this automatic farm, you will be able to gain experience and quickly raise your level!

In the previous scheme, we created a Potato Farm. Now it's time to use it to gain experience!

Demonstration of the work of the experience farm

Place two funnels and a double chest.

Double chest next to the funnel

Put on the funnelsSmokehouses.


Funnels and another double chest must be placed on the smokehouses.

Funnel and chest on the smokehouse

Place one funnel and a chest on each side of the smokehouse

Now it is very important:
  • Put several stacks of potatoes in the topmost chest at once (the more, the better)
  • Put coal or any other fuel source in the chests on the sides

Chests with funnels on the sides

Now it's time to wait!

Wait until several stacks of cooked potatoes have accumulated in the lower chest, then place blocks next to the funnels and put levers on them.

Activate these levers!

Using the farm

Now you just have to open the smokehouse interface and pick up the cooked potatoes from it.

Keep picking up potatoes, getting a lot of experience at once!

Farm experience for potatoes

Lava farm

Need an endless source of lava? With this scheme, you can quickly create a lava farm.

First, make a frame by installing boilers and any blocks on which drippers can be placed.

Lava farm frame

Select the strip from above as follows.

Lava farm from above

Use a bucket of lava and pour the lava over the surface.

Lava for the farm

Lava will start flowing from the drippers, which will accumulate in the boilers.

Finished lava farm in Minecraft

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