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Texture: Horse Keeper | A Wild West Themed
10-05-2022, 18:29 2 019
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Texture: Horse Keeper | A Wild West Themed

If you like Western and Wild West, then try texture pack Horse Keeper | A Wild West Themed. With it, the models and textures of some items in the game will be updated. This is especially useful for creating maps in the style of the Wild West era.


Replaces the onion.

Animation of shooting from револьвера

Side view:

Animation of revolver shooting from the third лица

Double-barreled shotgun

Replaces the crossbow.

Animation of shooting from двустволки


Replace the trident.

The rack holds the villas


Replaces the fishing rod.

Lasso animation


Replace the bucket with milk.

Whiskey animation


Replaces a bottle of honey.

cigar animation


Helmet textures and models have been updated. Now they have the appearance of different hats.

Hats from the Wild West era


Rename the armor rack to piano.

View of a piano in Minecraft

You can play the piano.

Piano animation
Tag with pianino


Rename the armor rack to windmill.

Windmill animation

Water wheel

Rename the armor rack to waterwheel.

Water wheel animation

Easter egg

Give the horse the name unicorn, then it will turn into a Unicorn!

A horse in the form of a unicorn
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