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Meet the Glare!
11-10-2021, 18:14 4 770
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Meet the Glare!

Already this Saturday, October 16, the annual event MinecraftLive 2021 will take place, during which the developers will show us the next major update. Today they announced the first voting mob, which they called Glare.

The glare is not only super cute, but it also helps you out a lot. It hates – HATES – the darkness. Who doesn’t?! But besides being super relatable, it will also show you areas that are dark enough for monsters to spawn. It does so by flying to dangerously dark areas and then throwing a hissy fit. With the glare by your side, you’ll know that each tantrum will not only lead to me turning this car right back around, but also possibly monsters! Aaaargh!


  • On October 12, the developers will show the second mob
  • On October 13, the developers will show the third mob
  • On October 14, a video with all mobs will be shown
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  1. вадим
    я хочу светлячка
    1. Светлячок
      Жаль, что он проиграл:-(
  2. я хочу светлячка
  3. Рома
  4. Профессор по Майнкрафту
    Я голосую за Элей
  5. чеееееел
    я за голема
  6. меккя
    элей топ
  7. Алекс
    Медный голем ахрененый он так крут !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Алекс
    Медный голем
  9. Алекс
    медный голем
  10. Алекс
    Медный голем
    1. Демид
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