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Mod: Fantasy Ores
15-06-2021, 02:14 51 754
Weapons / Armor / Ores
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Mod: Fantasy Ores

Mod Fantasy Ores adds to Minecraft more minerals, as well as incredible 3D armor.

Blocks in Fantasy fashion Ores


You can find it in layers 19 and below. They are mined only with a diamond pickaxe.

Ruby ore

Ruby Block:

Ruby block recipe

Ruby Tools and armor:

Ruby sword recipe
Ruby Pickaxe recipe
Ruby topar recipe
Ruby hoe recipe
Ruby shovel recipe
Ruby hammer recipe
Ruby helmet recipe
Ruby recipe нагрудника
Ruby greaves recipe
Ruby boots recipe
Type of ruby armor on the player

Sapphire ore is found in layers 16 and below.

Sapphire ore

Sapphire Block:

Sapphire block recipe

Sapphire tools and Armor:

Sapphire sword recipe
Sapphire Pickaxe Recipe
Sapphire axe Recipe
Sapphire hoe recipe
Sapphire shovel recipe
Sapphire hammer recipe
Sapphire helmet recipe
Sapphire recipe нагрудника
Recipe for sapphire leggings
Recipe for sapphire shoes
Type of sapphire armor on the player

Jade can be found in layers 15 and below, but it is quite rare.

Jade ore in Minecraft

Jade Block:

Jade block recipe

Jade Tools and Armor:

Jade sword recipe
Jade Pickaxe recipe
Jade axe recipe
Jade hoe recipe
Jade shovel recipe
Jade hammer recipe

Jade Scarab: A jade scarab is not created, it is in a Minecraft dungeon, or there is a low probability that you will get it when mining jade ore.

Jade scarab in Minecraft
Jade staff in Minecraft
Jade cream recipe
Jade recipe нагрудника
Jade Greaves recipe
Recipe for jade shoes
The type of jade armor on the player

It is located in layer 50 and below (only in the seas), mined only With a sapphire pickaxe.

Aquamarine ore in Minecraft

Aquamarine Block:

Aquamarine block recipe

Aquamarine tools and armor:

Aquamarine sword recipe
Mod: Fantasy Ores

Aquamarine greaves recipe
Type of aquamarine armor on the player


Located in layers 40 and below, mined only with Ruby pickaxe .

Spinel Block:

Spinel tools and armor:


You can find it from layer 16.

Peridot ore in Minecraft

Peridot Block:

Block recipe перидота

Peridot tools and armor:


Bismuth is below 64 layers and is mined only Aquamarine pickaxe.

Bismuth ore in Minecraft

Bismuth Block:

Block recipe висмута

Tools and armor made of bismuth:


Opal is located in layers 10 and below, mined Aquamarine pickaxe.

Opal ore in Minecraft

Opal Block:

Block recipe опала

Tools and armor made of opal:


Onyx is below layer 20, but finding it will be a difficult task. Extracted Aquamarine pickaxe.

Onyx Block:

Onyx tools and armor:


When mining sulfur ore, you will receive Sulfur, which can be melted into sulfur powder.

On the enchantment table, you can create Sulfur poison by placing thereSulfur powder and water bubbles:

The use of this potion causes the effects of Nausea, Blindness and Poisoning for 1 minute.

Also, if you mix it with powder, you will get a throwing potion that gives the same effects.

If you mix this potion with a fire rod, you get sulfuric acid:

This works as a fuel, and when sulfuric acid is added to the furnace, a concentration of sulfuric acid will be obtained:

If you mix the concentration of sulfuric acid with a bottle of water, you get Sulfate:

If you put the Sulfate in a melting furnace, it will give sulfate powder:

And finally, if you mix sulfate powder with cooked algae, you will get an analgesic that will help restore health quickly.


Steel can be found in layers 10 and below, mined With a non-berite pickaxe.

Steel Block:

Steel block crafting

Tools and armor made of steel:


It is mined in layers 11 and below, can be melted into Tungsten ingots in a melting furnace. It is mined only with a Steel pickaxe .

Tungsten ore in Minecraft

Steel Block:

Steel block recipe

Tools and armor made of tungsten:


Topaz is mined only Aquamarine pickaxe and is located below the 10th layer.

Topaz ore in Minecraft

Topaz Block:

Topaz block recipe

Topaz tools and armor:


It is located below layer 30 and is mined only with an Aquamarine pickaxe.

Garnet ore

Grenade Block:

Pomegranate block recipe

Garnet tools and armor:


Below layer 15, mined Aquamarine pickaxe.

Malachite ore in Minecraft

Malachite Block:

Malachite block recipe

Tools and armor made of malachite:


Below layer 15, mined Aquamarine pickaxe.

Alexandrite ore in Minecraft

Alexandrite Block:

Block recipe александрита

Tools and armor made of alexandrite:


Below layer 17, mined Aquamarine pickaxe.

Platinum ore in Minecraft

Platinum Block:

Platinum block recipe

Platinum tools and armor:

The type of platinum armor on the player

Watermelon Tourmaline

It is mined below the 11th layer and only with a jade pickaxe .

Ore watermelon tourmaline in Minecraft

Watermelon Tourmaline Block:

Watermelon tourmaline block recipe

Watermelon tourmaline tools and armor:


Jasper is located below the 12th layer and is mined Aquamarine pickaxe.

Jasper ore in Minecraft

Jasper Block:

Jasper block recipe

Tools and armor made of jasper:

Jasper helmet recipe
View of the jasper helmet on the player


The Netheroom is located below the 57th layer in the Nether and is mined with a Jade pickaxe.

Netheroom ore

The Netheroom Block:

Nerum block recipe

Tools and armor from Netheroom:

Tailor's table

Tailor's Table in Minecraft

Presently, a few things can be done on this table, but in future updates it will be possible to make many more items of clothing.

Available crafts on the Tailor's Table:

Crafting masks
Type of mask on the player
Crafting points
Crafting rags
Cylinder crafting
View of the cylinder on the player

Last update: v2 (June 15, 2021)
What's new?
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added support for 1.17
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Fantasy Ores (.mcaddon)

[722.41 Kb] downloads: 15537

Supported versions
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