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Mod: GasMask
26-01-2023, 14:00 7 079
Survival / Armor
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Mod: GasMask

Mod GasMask adds a gas mask to Minecraft. It will make your survival world more challenging and interesting. The gas mask will allow you to enter the caves without fear of negative consequences, such as the effect of poison and nausea that will appear in them with this addon.

Enable the experiment functions for the addon to work correctly.

Enable addon

To explore the caves, you need to create a gas mask, and you need filters to craft it. If you have filters, then you can create a gas mask.


Filter craft

Gas mask

Gas mask craft

If you enter the cave without a gas mask, a sad fate awaits you, as it can kill you. This effect will appear at a depth of Y=44 and below.

Negative effects
Player in Gas mask
Amogus bb blobDance catKISS KEKW MODS MONKE NOOOO peepoSleep popCat ratJAM roflanUpalo WHAT
reload, if the code cannot be seen
  1. Аватарка гостя
    А можно ли как-то самому изменить мод и поменять высоту где надо находится с противогазом?
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