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Mod: Robot Girls
24-01-2023, 15:32 926
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Mod: Robot Girls

Mod Robot girls adds various robots that will accompany you on your adventures in Minecraft. You can have fun in your worlds. There will be 8 new objects in your world, these are robot girls who can help you and follow you if you tame them.

Blue robot
Green robot

You can tame them. Give an apple, a cookie, diamonds or a cake. They will always follow you and help you in battle!

  • Health: 20, 30 (tamed)
  • Attack Power: 3, 6 (tamed)
  • Tamed: diamonds, cookies, cake, apples

Purple robot
Yellow robot
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download Robot Girls mod (.mcaddon)

[164.73 Kb] downloads: 81
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