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Mod: Mutant Warden
20-01-2023, 00:52 1 155
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Mod: Mutant Warden

Mod Mutant Warden adds a Mutant Warden to Minecraft. What happens if a strong Warden mutates and becomes stronger? It's going to be scary, right?

Mutant Warden

Now he is stronger and bigger, can kill a player with 1 hit (survival mode) and can destroy 10 Iron Golems.

  • Health: 1200
  • Attack Damage: 80
  • Lesson from Ranged attack: 40
  • Long-range Attack Recharge: 2 seconds

How to spawn? To spawn him, you need to craft spawn egg: Nether Star, Sculk Catalyst x4 and 4 Sculk.

Mutant Warden spawn egg recipe

  • x1 Nether Star
  • x1 Sculk Catalyst
  • x1 Sculk Shrieker and x1 Sculk

Mutant Warden loot
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Mutant Warden (.mcaddon)

[89.88 Kb] downloads: 129
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