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Mod: Cyclone Mecha
30-12-2022, 16:22 29 502
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Mod: Cyclone Mecha

This mod will add a Combat Mech Robot to your Minecraft world that can be controlled. Various techniques and skills of the robot will be useful for fighting mobs because you can use it in survival.

Enable all experiment functions before using the addon.

How to summon a Mecha?

You will need a Summoner to create a Mecha.

Mecha Summoner

Use the item to summon the Mecha, after a short animation the robot will spawn.

Summoning a robot to Minecraft

After you get into the robot's cockpit, an interface will appear in front of you.

Robot cabin

4 new items will be added to your inventory, these are the robot skills.

New items in the inventory

Mecha abilities

Carved Punch: The robot makes an attack and deals 50 points of damage.

Combat attack by robot
Screenshot of the impact

Shock wave: The shock wave from the robot attacks the target from a distance and deals 25 points of damage.

Battle Mech

Gravity zone: A large area is formed around the robot. Everyone entering the zone is frozen for 10 seconds.

Creating a gravity zone
Gravity Zone and Robot

Buffs: By holding down the right mouse button, your robot will receive buffs.

Using Robot Buffs

Holding down the jump button (space bar on PC) your Mecha will fly.

The robot is flying


There are 2 crafting items available: Summoner and Crimson Sword.

Crafting a Summoner robot
Crafting a Summoner robot
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod (.mcaddon)
[5.39 Mb] downloads: 10862
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    Мод крути но зробіть пожалуста шоб були спіцеальні боси яких можна виграти тільки в роботі і добавти други роботів яки можна управляти заранія спасіба
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    Я нашел баг в том что когда сидишь в роботе тебе не даётся никакие навыки
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