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Mod: Conqueror Of Villagers
28-12-2022, 21:31 18 323
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Mod: Conqueror Of Villagers

Tired of mining Coal, iron, and Diamonds every time? What if the villagers did it for you? With this mod, you will have such an opportunity. You can use the villagers to get you valuable resources. Become their master and make a fortune!

How to get an employee?

Find any Villager of any profession.

Villager in the Spyglass

Imperceptibly deprive a Villager of life in any way.

Villager and Iron меч

A new item will drop out of them kidnapped villager.

The fallen head of a Villager in Minecraft

Use item kidnapped villager to create a Crucified Villager who will give you a special Fear item every 1–2 minutes.

Kidnapped villager

Using a workbench, create a Wheel of Pain. With him, you will create an employee for yourself using Fear and a Kidnapped resident.

Villager and kidnapped villager

By using the subject of a Subordinate Inhabitant in the workbench, you can get a more efficient miner.

Slave Villager craft in Minecraft

It remains to place an employee, just like any other block.

Villager mines stone

Your employee will extract resources every 1-2 minutes. It remains only to collect the extracted resources.

Crafting Recipes

The Crucified villager

Crucified Villager craft

Wheel of Pain

Pain Wheel craft

Wheat farmer

Wheat farmer craft

Carrot farmer

Carrot farmer craft

Potato farmer

Potatos Farmer craft

Beet farmer

Beetroot Farmer craft

Stone Miner

Stone miner craft

Coal miner

Coal miner craft

Iron Miner

Iron miner craft

Gold Miner

Gold miner craft

Diamond Miner

Diamond miner craft

Emerald Miner

Emerald Miner emerald
Supported versions
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