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Mod: Invisibility Helmet
21-01-2023, 20:15 872
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Mod: Invisibility Helmet

Invisibility Helmet addon adds an invisibility helmet to Minecraft. The helmet has a special functionality, wearing it, you will become invisible, and you can hide from friends or make fun of them or something else. If you take it off, it will deprive us of invisibility.

To create it, you will need 5 blocks of calcite, calcite is naturally generated as part of the structure of amethyst geodes, between smooth basalt and layers of amethyst block. It also forms stripes on rocky peaks.

Mod: Invisibility Helmet

This is the craft of the invisibility helmet:

invisibility helmet recipe craft

Place it in the helmet slot.

Equipped helmet

By wearing it, you will become invisible.

The player is invisible

And when you remove the effects are removed.

Player without helmet
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Invisibility Helmet (.mcaddon)

[13.46 Kb] downloads: 71
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